Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Things I do that I should be more embarrassed of

Oh happy tuesday!

It has been raining non stop since yesterday afternoon, which means indoor recess. bleeeeh!

indoor recess=death

okay not really,  but its just so noisy and obnoxious.

Speaking of I was thinking yesterday about a few things that I do that are obnoxious and I should be embarrassed of but I'm not. Not to be confused with things I do that are annoying to most everyone.

These are just things that should embarrass me just don't.

{1} wearing my hair like this.

I literally wore it to school like that yesterday & not a damn was given.

{2}My lack of interest in button pants. If I don't have to, i don't. Literally I complained for a good 10 minutes when Dave wouldn't let me wear a pair of his basketball shorts into public. (for some odd reason he thinks it is b it trashy...well that & i wasn't wearinga bra at 4pm)

{3} If I am home alone I pee with the door open. NOW i live all by myself. No roommate or anything, so if i wanna pee with the door open, i am gonna.

{4} i drink straight from the carton. Milk, OJ, wine...what have you. I bought it, it is just for me...why dirty a cup. This mostly started when i didn't  have a dishwasher in my old place. I didn't wanna dirty a cup just to have a bit of milk...now that I have a dishwasher...the habit is not broken.

{5} My straight up complete & total enjoyment of Reality TV. I actually cannot get enough. The trashier, sleazier, more unbelievable...the better.

What should you be more embarrassed of?

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  1. OMG - I always go out in sweatpants and a t-shirt on the weekends (if I'm just running errands). If it's a Sunday you can almost guarantee I haven't even showered before going to run errands. Not sorry!

  2. I like your hair like that! And I'm with you on the pants deal...I prefer none but if I have to wear some then they are going to be pull on. PERIOD! So with you on leaving the bathroom door open too, I can't help it!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!! JL and I went to target on Sunday and I definitely did NOT wear a bra because I didn't want to put one one but I had JL's oversize sweatpants on and he made me change out of those and into jeans. It is just so comfy. I pee with the door open too...if my roomie isn't home or JL and I are home alone.

    Great post love.

  4. I actually really liked your hair like that! Good luck with the indoor recess. Ear plugs..?

  5. Totally pee with the door open as well.... especially while the sun's still out therefore no need to turn the light on ;-)

    Of course when there is company I shut the door.

  6. I go out without make up on more than I should. I feel self conscious about it, cause my no makeup face it's very glamorous, but I'm admittedly too lazy to even fathom putting it on sometimes..okay most times. So, I don't know if that would fall under embarrassing or not. lol. There are more, I'm sure but, that's the first thing that came to mind!
    It's rare that I'm home alone, but when I am, or when it's just Doug & I, I'm a total walk around in as little clothes as possible, pee with the door open, whatever. lol
    And you already know, reality tv=love.
    And I love your hair like that. Mine's too long now to pull off the messy bun anymore. So cute!

  7. Haha love this. I too have been wearing my hair in a messy bun toooo many times lately (at least every tuesday & thursday when I go to work after coaching morning cheer practice). My "thing I should be ashamed of (because let's be honest no one wants to see sweaty cheer coach hair in the office at 8 a.m. and I don't have time to shower after so I'm not even sorry about that)...? I haven't shaved my legs in two weeks because I don't like having to stand up in the shower to shave and I'm wearing leggings all the time so it doesn't matter...EXCEPT at cheer practice when I DO wear shorts and forget I have hairy bear legs. #whoops.

  8. Loved this! I do a lot of these things too! Hope everything is all well! :D

    x leah symonne x


  9. I love your hair like that and think I need a tutorial on how to get my mop to do it.

  10. I so agree with you on all of these!!! Especially pants!! I hate pants lol


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