Thursday, October 3, 2013

Things I do that annoy others

Uh HELLO THURSDAY! I am so loving that it's almost Friday!!
Also I am LOVING the weather, i cannot say it enough!! I could do with out the foggy mornings on my trek to work, but over all I am loving all this fall!

So anyways last night, D, in the most loving way possible told me that i was being obnoxious. He was referring to me bringing up the fact that I am so excited for this weekend. I probably said 10 times in a 30 minute time span and he got to his breaking point and was like

"babe, I GET IT! You already said that"

So this got me thinking...what other things do i do on the reg that other people probably hate & find obnoxious...i mean I can only imagine there is a lot.

{1) Repeat things 88968976 times. I always do this especially when i am excited or nervous about something. I bring it up a billion times.

{2} I leave cabinet doors open. My mom used to get SO mad at me. I would never shut the cabinet doors all the way in the kitchen. I think I just didn't pay attention and would leave it open a smidge, same with bathroom drawers.

{3} I complain. I am such a complainer.  Whether it be that I am hungry, too hot, too cold, my belly name it, i complain. USUALLY I just kinda keep it myself but i complain ALL the time in my head.

{4} I refer to social networking in real life conversation. I cannot tell you how many time i have said "oh ya i saw this on pinterest..." or "did you see what so-and-so put on twitter?" Somethings should just be left on the internet.

{5} I leave me shoes ALL OVER. Shoes are the enemy (along with buttons pants of course) and kick my shoes off immdiately when I get home (or to D's, or to Lindsey's, or home...or wherever) and i just leave them. I find shoes in my hallway, bathroom, kitchen, under the coffee table...pretty much everywhere..then i along with others proceed to trip over them.

{6} I am not a great speller. As most of you know, i hate to proof-read. On papers in college it was literally like pulling teeth. I HATED IT! I still do, and obvi the blog reflects that. If I see a misspelling as I go I will fix it...but over all i pretty much NEVER re read the blog before publishing...oops.

{7}I send these kind of photos to my friends and family...on a daily basis, especially to D.

{8} I shed. This actually pertains a lot more to D. I SHED LIKE A MOTHER EFFIN' YETTI. (do they even shed...) I have such thick hair that i guess my head cannot support it all and it falls out ALL OVER. When we vacuumed my old place before moving could literally make a small tiger with it. It gets all over..the shower, sink, clothes...everything. D is such a neat freak that it makes him nuts, but I just cannot help it.

{9} I cannot park straight to save my soul. I blame my terrible depth perception.

{10} I cannot end my lists on an odd number. aka why there is a #10 on this list!

What are somethings you do that are obnoxious?
Happy friday eveeeee :)

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  1. I shed so much too and Billy always bitches about it. He grabs the vacuum every day and is like "I gotta get all this damn hair up! and I'm like "go for it dude, how bout I go Britney and just shave my head" that usually shuts him up.

  2. I shed, too! My hair is really thing so probably not as much as you, but still.

    I talk about my dog like he's a child. My family is the same way...but friends think I'm ridiculous.

    I also repeat things A LOT when I'm excited or nervous. I get that from my dad.

    I am addicted to my phone...which some people find annoying. Lol.

  3. I get creeped out when cabinet doors are left over because all I can think about is that scene from The Sixth Sense when the little boy's mom walks out of the kitchen for 2 seconds and comes back to all the cabinets open. FREAKY!

  4. haha, i repeat tings alllll the time! I don't realize how annoying it is until I actually realize how many times I repeated the same thing over and over again.

  5. I shed SO much too! It's definitely because we have such thick and luxurious hair. The bad part? Dereck's biggest "phobia" is loose hair. He cannot stand when he finds random hairs on him! He gets really grossed out and all fidgety. It's hilarious to me because I'm used to it but he gets all creeped out! He's going to have a field day when we move in together. I know one day I'm going to forget to clean out the shower after I'm done and he is going to die.

  6. I often find myself giving hilarious face pictures as well! #guilty
    Oh, and I hashtag in real life! Go watch that JT video on youtube of them making fun of it, I do it now! :)

  7. This is SUCH a great post. I think I might copy it. haha! My BIGGEST pet peeve is when people leave the cupboards open. No offense? haha. Also, I LOVE sending those type of pictures to people. The ugliest face contest is my favorite. I'm thinking you would be VERY fun to snapchat. haha!


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