Thursday, October 24, 2013

Randomness & A 3 Day weekend

Happy Thursday (my friday)!! & yes I know this is late...but after conferences all week I didn't even sit down to read this til...NOW!

Yep, I am off today for a lovely and relaxing weekend. EEEEK!

This has been a long freakin week! 13-14 hour days...ick! BUT it is almost over and I cannot wait for all the activities that I have planned. If you want to follow along for the shenans check out @sarah71389 on IG! shamless plug

Anywhoos I feel so disconnected with the blogging world this week. I finally caught up a bit last during the Cards game...EFF. did anyone else see that beating. *here's to a better game tonight!*

Does anyone know how to make the icons on my iPhone all cutsey? I know I have seen Allie's all cute icons...HELP!

UM and yeah I am the worst bravo-aohlic of all time BUT I am getting back into with RHOBH &VANDERPUMP!! I ALREADY told D that I will be watching those each week & he can choose to join or not! HAHA :)

Anyway this just  ramble jamble...and obv it's time to stop!


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  1. sad to say were on opposing world series teams.

  2. The free app CocpPPa has super cute icons, lock screens and wallpapers!

  3. Ooooh I saw the beating, and I must admit that I didn't mind it :) (married to a red sox fan which means I'm totally a supportive wifey, HA!)
    Are the icons cutesy because of the update? I haven't update my phone because I hear most people HATE it! But the icons look so different (with the update) than on my phone!


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