Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Daily Struggle

NO this is not some depressing post, so don't click away.

But we all have daily struggles. Things that we have to deal with each and every day. Certain things that maybe we do not share with others, BUT this is the blog world and many others feel the need to paint a picture perfect world, but this girl doesn't!

A few of my daily struggles include--

{1} not getting a sweet tea everyday when i pass three sonic on the way to work. Uh yeah, i pass three of those suckers and 1.19 for a large sweet tea, sign this girl up. I love sweet tea, my ass does not love the calories.

{2} trying to figure out how to swear stretchy pants to work. Tights? Leggings? what can i wear so button pants are not in the equation.

{3} Not giving the finger to half the drivers i see on the way to & from work. Okay the speed limit is 60 most of the way to work. Going 50 IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!! then when I go to pass you, you speed up?? Excuse you, when i am almost passing you going the speed limit just let me do it. OR when you ride me butt when I am going 10 miles over, GTF off. Pass me please, do not ride my bumper.

{4} Not hitting snooze 19879789 times. i literally hit snooze 2 times at least until dave basically has to pull me out of bed. Mornings & sarah do NOT go together.

{5} eating chocolate. I am chocoholic. I  do not think i go more than one day without. It is a problem, i have accepted it.

There ya have it. 
what are your daily struggles?

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  1. Agreed on #2, #4, #5 and sometimes #3!

  2. Um well....I do #1-5. haha. Especially the sweet tea thing! Ugh...soooo yummy!
    Also, wear leggings with a cute long shirt. ;)

  3. HA! This is me. I am constantly scheming to try and find a way to wear leggings to work. God bless whoever it was that made them fashionable and acceptable office attire!

  4. I have stretchy pull on pants from NY&Co, I looooove them!!

  5. #5 for sure. It's so hard for me to not impulsively buy a KitKat or Reese's when checking out at the store. Chocolate is good for the soul, but no bueno for the waistline!

  6. One word (actually 2!) dresses and skirts! I hate buttoned up pants as much as the next person, and I live in dresses and skirts preferably of the stretchy kind.

    Since you live somewhere where it'll start to get cold eventually, start pairing them with tights/leggins when it's too cold for bare legs.

  7. #2 and #3 100%!! But seriously #3...the speed limit most of my way to work is 35 (I go all city streets) and when someone is driving strictly 20, the road rage definitely comes out!

  8. I am with you on all of these! Mine is a delicious cold can coke at work. We have a coke machine right near my desk! How am I suppose to resist that?


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