Monday, September 30, 2013

Moving Weekend

Good Morning :)

PHEW what a weekend! I soooo did not want it to end! Three day weekends should be mandatory!

We got all my stuff moved and most of it put away. I am still hanging a few things and putting things up so as soon as i get it done i will do a little tour. I have decided that i don't like some of my wall decorations so I am probably going to have a few bare walls until i decide what I want to do.

Friday D & I got moving and took a few loads over. My parents got to town around three and we finished up. We got it ALL moved in one day! I cannot even believe it!

Saturday we went to watch a few boys in my class play jr football. It was GORGEOUS out and i just love watching them play. When we got back to town we cleaned my old place ran a few errands then mom made dinner. We also of course had to go to our fave karaoke bar which i am now only 3 minutes from!!! :)

I have one cheerleader in my room!

Sunday was for putting stuff away, hanging and relaxing! We watched the Cards game (WHO BTW  ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS BABY!!!!) The weather was gorgeous, I bought new fall candles & got them burning, and laid on the couch. How much better could it be?!

D & I also went and BBQed with some friends. I sat outside reading while the boys played catch. I cannot get over the wedding

Trees above the deck!

& now I have a full week ahead of me. I pray for patience and to have God help me remember they are only 8 and to not get so frustrated.

Also side note- my kids got a great note from the sub on Friday! I am so proud of them! # teacherwin

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  1. Three day weekends are a definite MUST! I only have a kind of three day week this week because I am at a conference on Th. & Fri. but I hate planning for a sub! Gross!!

    good luck this week! keep your head hi! you are a great teacher! :)

  2. The weather was absolutely perfect here on Saturday too! Love that on the weekends!

  3. I cannot wait to see your new apartment. I cannot wait (even more) to come visit you! :) Soon!

    Thanks for our text convo yesterday!


  4. YES 3 day weekends should be mandatory! Or at least more often then a couple times a year *sigh*

    P.S. You guys are too danged adorable! :)

  5. yay for a successful move!

    and you and D - adorable!

  6. Those fall colors are adorable, and a karaoke bar sounds like so much fun! ! ! It's totally on my bucket list. We don't have any around here. :/

  7. Yay! Excited for the tour. Glad you were able to get it all moved in 1 day!


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