Tuesday, September 24, 2013

hodge podge.

Happy Tuesday!

Not gonna lie, I sat down to write a weekend shenannies post. But the couch, a nap and weeds won. Sorry bout it. anyways I had a great weekend--

I went to my sister's family weekend at her college. D came with.

A pit stop to look at a few clothing items for D. Then the football game.

More football, there was a talent show, dinner, and a the drive home where D was so nice & drove.

SO now that you are caught up on me weekend let's move on.

I have been having a blogging BLOCK! I hate it. Sometimes it just flooooows, other times..it doesn't. I am needed some creativity juices flowwwwing. stat.

I started using my fitness pal. I am being real honest and i am being healthy. I am getting in my workouts and trying to plan out my workouts for the week so i can stay accountable.

Anyways this week is MOVING WEEK! YAHOOOO! I am off on Friday which means only a four day work week! D & I are gonna try and get a lot of the moving done Friday so that when my parents get here on Saturday...there isn't a lot to do. PLUS all the crap lessons for school. #stressonstress

okay this post is pretty much a bust. I will stop rambling.

Happy Tuesday Beauties!


  1. are you and this boy toy moving in together? if so...where have I been hiding and if not...sorry for jumping the gun!

  2. I wish I could come down and help you move! Maybe Saturday?! haha.
    Seriously though...you and D are adorable! I need a man like that!

    I love youuuu.

  3. I want Friday off!!! Lucky duck!
    Looks like a great weekend! good luck moving!! That's always exciting!


  4. Girrrl- I'm right there with you on blogging block. So hard to stay motivated some days to come up with awesome posts. Some days I just can't do it.

  5. I've had some serious bloggers' block myself! Most of my posts have just been "what I've been up to lately" posts and/or my typical workout shit. Nothing too creative though!

    Good luck moving! YAY! Will we be getting an apartment tour?

  6. Yay for short work weeks and moving!

    And I hear ya on the writing block. I feel like I either have too much to say or nothing at all. So I'll have posts scheduled for the following week and then other times I have almost nothing for a single post. It's odd... my advice is when something comes to mind that you'd want to center a post around jot it down or use your "notes" app on your iPhone and refer to it when it's time to sit down and write.


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