Monday, September 16, 2013

Hibachi & a Rodeo


before I tell ya all about my shenans, I want to say happy birthday to my love stephanie!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLFRAN!!! :) HAVE A GREAT DAY LOVE!
Friday after school i spent pretty much the whole night on the couch watching tv, painting my nails & working on school stuff. I also found this quote while browsing instagram (add me, sarah71389) and it rings so true in my heart.
Saturday was a very busy but productive day! D & i got up early and headed into school to work on a few things. Then we ran errands and went to a birthday lunch with his family for his mom. We went to hibachi, UH YUM! Then it was PBR TIMEEEE:)

It was such a great time! Lots of riders and bucking bulls :) I am so glad i got to spend it with D

Sunday we were a bit lazier. We got up late & watched some weeds, man nancy pisses me right off sometimes. BUT i am sticking it out. We also ran a few more errands so he could get his mom a bday gift. I got some new tennis shoes which i am hoping will feel better on my arches. 

& not we are here as always monday looms on. BUT on a happier note less than two weeks I get to move into my new place & decorate for fall! EEEEEK :)

happy monday babes, oh && go link up with sami & share your shenans.

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  1. 1. THANK YOU for the birthday shoutout!
    2. I love love love you!
    3. You are so pretty!
    4. I want to visit soon!

  2. how fun!! I remember the first time I went to PBR I could NOT stop laughing because how much they said "bucking bulls". Like over and over over!

  3. looks like a blast love :)

    happy monday?!? is it friday yet?!

  4. Yay for new tennis shoes! I'm jealous because I'm needing some badly. :)

  5. I love the new polish! I too love some Hibachi!! Looks like you had a great weekend:)

  6. Do you have really high arches? Let me know how those shoes work for you! I'm doing some research on tennis shoes for high arches right now.

    That floral top is perfection! And I love the nail polish! Hibachi sounds so damn good right now.


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