Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Letters

GOOD MORNING!!! Thank goodness it is friday!! 

I am so glad to have this weekend. After this long and tiring week, i just need it. D & I are going to see my sister for her family weekend at school. My parents are meeting us up there tomorrow morning. I am so excited.

To everyone who reached out to me yesterday, i thank you. Your sweet comments eased my doubts and helped me to try & remember God does have a plan and that I need to trust in it. I still struggle but your words helped.

Anyways on to happier lighter thoughts-- Friday Letters

Dear Students,  I am sorry I have been grumpy. I have been so frustrated. Please let a light bulb don't always need to talk. Please pay attention, that is all i am askin.

Dear Weather, I am digging how cool you are. Stay this way.

Dear D, thank you for being amazing. You always make me feel better and I am so lucky to call you mine.

Dear Gym, I promise I am coming to you more. I got one awesome run in this week  & then fell apart. I swear I am coming back for you.

Dear stress, please go away. Breathe.

Dear Lessons, WRITE yourselves? Yeah right, just help me make you interesting. Help me find the right words to tell me kids.

Dear iPhone, i still love ya!

Dear Readers, you guys are awesome.

See ya Monday lovers!
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  1. The gym/runs will help you with your stress! I know it's hard to find time, I am the queen of excuses but it really does help! Hope you have a stress-free weekend!

  2. I hope your stress levels get lower! It's never fun being stressed out! Relax this weekend. :)


  3. Happy Happy Happy Friday Love and just is another day to wake up and smile. Have an awesome day even through the stress and the sadness. You have a great weekend to look forward to and you have the support of many people around you!....including me!

  4. You had me with the gif of Hermoine during the 1st task of the tri-wizard tournament when Harry comes back up over the hill after defeating the dragon. Ok... too much info? :-P

    Just saw your post from yesterday, I'm so sorry hun. **Hugs**

  5. Just relax this weekend, get a run or two in, and hopefully you be ready and refreshed for next week - which WILL be a better one! xo


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