Thursday, September 12, 2013

A day in the life of

Well Hello There!!

Miss me?? Things were so crazy all day yesterday, I didn't get a second to sit down & write. But do you worry your pretty little heads, i have a treat for you. Today I am sharing what its like in the day of MOI. (exciting shiz right there, le duh). Now I have seen these floating around the blogosphere before & as always I am about 34897 years late jumping on the bandwagon! SO anywhoos--

a day in the life of Sarah--

About 6:30 i head out for work. (from my apartment, i usually leave about 6:15, but from D's I leave at  about 6:30) Obvi Running Late
Oh ya know a selfie on the way never hurt anyone *always at a stop light, no self-ing & driving*
It is pretty much rural for most of  my drive, i love watching the sun come up on my commute
BLISS, peace & quite before the kiddos come in
I forgot my breakfast, so i had to grab a few things of the breakfast cart Chocolate milk & raisins
We do reading in the mornings first. This is my log for keeping track of independent reading conferences
This was our math worksheet after our lesson. We are working 3 digit addition WITH carrying/regrouping
LUNCH--THANK GOD!! Green Beans, Brown Rice & a chicken & Walnut wrap
I had a meeting for last part of my day aka i had to have a sub...making sub plans are the worst.
Grading papers after school!
FINALLY leaving at 5pm (oh ya know just 2 hours after school gets out #teacherlife)
D & i heading to the store to get stuff for dinner since neither of us has been grocery shopping in WEEKS!
AHHHHH D surprised me PBR (professional bull riding) tickets for saturday!! I CANNOT WAIT! its basically a HUGE rodeo

Dinner time- Chicken pasta, with peppers & onions & tomatoes with bread & salad.
Ending the evening with my hunky boy watching prison break!! *note his sweet tan line :)*

How interesting??? Yeah I know. If you would like to follow along other glorious days feel free to get in on the live tweeting & IGing

Twitter- @LittleRed809
IG- sarah71389

yeah I know it's a shamless plug, but i am new to this whole techy iPhone world.


PS tomorrow is FRIDAYYYY! we can do it!!


  1. haha I LOVE this! And you're so prettttty!

  2. looks a lot like my day lady!!! Only a couple states away :(
    we should probably work on changing that!!

    SO JEALOUS that you are going to PBR! Lucky Duck! Have so much fun and of course take tons of pictures! :)

  3. You got some kick butt tickets. (Insert jealous Kels here) Your day looks busy! I just couldn't be a teacher, too much planning! I'm always a fly by the seat of my pants kinda person lol

  4. Your lunch and dinner look so yummy! No self-ing and driving is a great rule to follow. Your background on your iPhone is way too cute.

  5. Love the selfies! And D's tan lines.. nothing like a good ol' fashioned farmers tan :-D

    And please smack me the next time I complain about getting up at 7:30... girl you get up early! I admire how positive you are about being up so early and looking fabulous! You do NOT want to see a selfie of me first thing in the morning on the way to work. You'd probably be able to hear a growl through the pic lol

  6. Oh my goodness, I would die if I had to leave for work at 6:30! You get my utmost respect! Lol

  7. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the great work ♡

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