Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wants & Needs

Good Morning my darlings!

Thankg goodness it is tuesday, only four days til a three day weekend!!! Don't get me wrong, i do LOVE my job, but i always long for those weekends! School is still going great and i am loving it. Things are a bit stressful on the 'business' end of things, but we really are starting to get the hang of procedures so it is making my test analyzing & data analyzing easier.

yesterday as i was perusing blogs I cam across Mikell's post about 'back to school' fashion. It got me thinking about my fall wants and needs for clothing and beyond. Now I often cross over my wants & needs...into ALL NEEDS :) but don't we all. 

Now of course fall seems to be the furthest thing these days since it is suppose to be north of 90 degrees all this week in Missouri, BUT i cannot help but day dream about cool weather and crisp autumn days.

So here are a few things that I am thinking I need want for fall---

Fall wants/needs

Fall wants/needs by sar789 featuring skinny fit pants

{one} Grey leather jacket, gahhh lust lust lust. I have a brown & a black one. I am so obsessed with these. I reeeeally want a slate grey one for this fall & winter.

{two} MINT. This is not just a spring or summer color. I love mint and I really need more of it in my wardrobe. 

{three} Warm toned skinnies. I bought, grey, bright green & red. I really want brown, dark green and black. They look so good in boots, they are comfortable &&& I can teach in them. I like skinnies because generally they are stretchy, and we all know mama loveeees a stretchy pant. 

{four} Sassy Sweatshirts. I love shirts/sweat shirts that have a funny/quirky picture or saying. Forever 21 always has pretty good ones to choose.

{five}  WARM scarves. I have a lot of cutsie scarves, but they do not really keep my warm. I need something that will keep warm and cozy as we start heading into cooler months.

{six} Cardigans. Um yeah, that is a teacher STAPLE!!!. Same 2-3 black v-necks, add on a different cardi, i have a new outfit everyday. I need to stock up..yesterday.

{seven}   Boots! I have a few pairs, but my grey ones finally bit the dust last year. I have some short booties in grey but i want tall grey and black boots this year, because le duh, they go with everything.

{eight} Dark colored polishes. I just picked up a navy, but i need to get darker cooler tones for this fall. I am thinking emeralds & violets.

{nine} Coffees & cocos. Now I am not huge coffee drinker (unless it tastes like chocolate & had whip cream) but i love some hot chocolate and on my cold drives to work they are going to be come a necessity.

{ten} I am going to try out the stocking cap again this year. My ears get frigid & i am not a fan of ear muffs. I do love the headbands or should i say ear bands that go over your ears and wrap around like a head band. i have two of those & I really want to add to my collection.

there ya have it ladies, my fall wish/want/need list.

what are you needing this fall??   
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  1. There are sooooo many things I want right now as far as clothes go! But, I'm refusing to window shop and I'm focusing on paying bills and saving money instead. :)


  2. I posted something similar today! I am lusting for a blue blazer and need one asap. If I gave you my whole wish list though we'd be here all day! Definitely time to start shopping for fall!


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