Thursday, August 22, 2013

thursday already & things I DON'T love

HOW is it thursday already friends?? i cannot believe it! This week HAS FLOWN by!!
I am so ready for the weekend. D & i have ZERO THINGS PLANNED :) It is such a relief. I am hoping for a lot of sleeping in & watching of Weeds & Orange is the New Black. (I got another episode in last night) BTW D is now just as hooked!
The kiddos are at ART so i thought I would pop in & write a quick post. I am planning on catching up on blog this afternoon! I know I have been slacking. GAH, silly life getting in the way of blogging.
anyhooooos--- How do i get pictures from my phone to the blog post. I just tried (from my phone) & it wont let me...I am probably a huge idiot.

OKAY on to a link up, I have not done in a while--


1. Bugs. There was a MASSIVE grasshopper on the hood of my car yesterday.
I drove all around town & that little sucker held on & i was so afraid when i got out 
of my car he was going to leap in to my face. SCARY!!
NO BUENO. GTF outta here buggy.

2. Forgetting socks. I am wearing boots today & i forgot socks so i had to borrow
a pair of D's. Let me paint this picture for you, i am tiny lady with tiny feet (size five ish)
and he is a boy with large feet add in boots that are just a hair to small, and its ouch city.
my feet feel like they are being squeezed to death.
on the flip side its better than no socks, wearing closed toed shoes without socks....makes me wanna
3. Paper cuts. is this just being a teacher? I handle papers all the time...well let me tell you
they hurt, a lot. NOT TO MENTION the fact that i am a germX fanatic in my classroom and when you forget you have a paper cut & you germX it...OWWW!
what don't you love?

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  1. I usually just email my pictures to myself and then do my blog post from the computer. I don't like blogging from my phone cause I'm OCD about formatting the post lol.

  2. 1) Download the Blogger app. Start a new post, upload all of your pictures there, and then save as a draft. When you're ready to write a post, just get on your desktop/laptop and they'll be ready for you to edit around!


    2) Email them to yourself and then upload.

    Hope this helps!

  3. I always forget socks...on purpose. I hate wearing them! I'm a weirdo!

  4. Ok I'm 110% on board with you and the socks thing. It's gross and my feet freak out without socks! I'm usually in socks and I hate when my feet get dirt on them. It just freaks me out!!

  5. What kind of phone do you have? If I'm at home, I use my phone charger. There are two sides to your charger. The side that plugs into the wall and the side that goes directly into your phone. The part that plugs into the wall, take that off the cord. You'll then see a bigger version of what plugs directly into your phone. That big version? That's like a USB. Plug it into your computer. If you have an iphone, it should just ask what you want to do. If you have an android, you might have to press something on the phone screen first. If that's confusing, I can email you better directions.

  6. Cut/Hand sanitizer is the worst feeling.


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