Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Somthings just go together

peanut butter & jelly.
chocolate & peanut butter
toast & peanut butter

......okay anything with peanut butter. I digress
Sarah & stretchy pants
toothbrush & toothpaste

you get my drift. some things are JUST MEANT to be together. However, there are somethings that are not meant to be together, in fact, and i cannot stress this enough...somethings will NEVER go together. Right or wrong, its just how the world is. Let's examine some of those things--

{1} Sleeping and socks. Now we all know I have talked about this. These two this should NOT go together. It is awkward, uncomfortable, stifling, and over all just a bad time. Naked feet are the sleepiest (and happiest) feet.

{2} Theresa Guidice & owning mistakes. Unfortunately girlfriend missed that gene. She cannot own to a mistake to save her life. "Theresa you hurt my feelings when you called me that name!" ......"OOOOOOH you called me this, this & this!" NO tre, that is NOT an apology or owning one's choices...that is shifting blame.

{3} Reality TV & boyfriends. Now D will watch real housewives or hardcore pawn with me. If i beg... haha BUT overall i am embarrassed to watch any reality TV with my boyfriend, or honestly...anyone.

{4}Electronic devices  & toilets. WTF, how are you dropping your phone or ipod or whatever in the toilet. My sister has done this TWICE. 2 times she has dropped her ipod in the toilet. People what are you doing in the bathroom that you are not paying attention to your electronic device in the toilet?? Get it together.

{5} Cheese & peanut butter. mostly because i tried to think of what PB is not good with..& I got cheese, which is weird, because cheese is AMAZING.

what things do you think do not go together??

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  1. I can't sleep in socks either!!! YUCK! I get so hot! Love #2, so true! Homegirl needs to get her mind right and FESS UP!

  2. Sleeping and socks! YUCK! I cannot do it. EVER. Also, I have dropped my phone in the toilet once, but I was NOT using it in the bathroom. I was out to dinner and it was in my back pocket and it fell out when I pulled my pants down...TMI? lol

  3. You forgot to mention that bloggers and photography go together, we automatically start taking random pictures of objects and often find ourselves thinking this would be an awesome post :)

  4. My phone ended up in the toilet once! It was awful, haha. Something else that doesn't go together... Beer and liquor??

  5. #2 is so on point. I wonder if she will ever change? I can't sleep in socks either, I feel too restricted!

  6. Sleeping and socks! So gross...I can't even handle it.

  7. So the sleeping is socks thing, I totally agree, except there are some times when I go to sleep with socks on, but they end up off by the time I wake up (or sometimes before I even fall asleep). I only do this because sometime my feet get unbearably cold. Point is even my body knows it should happen because most of the time they come off & my bed covers eat them. haha
    And is it weird that I kind of want to try pb & cheese, just to see.
    I'd watch reality TV with you & we could yell at those batshit crazy housewives together!
    I'll tell you something that doesn't go together...chocolate and mt.dew.

  8. I like cheese and peanut butter together...

  9. love this girly!
    you are too funny! I do love PB...but pb and cheese? not so much

    pb and pickle sandwiches are pretty :)


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