Thursday, August 15, 2013

Some Days are just SO Great


So yesterday went quite well!! It was A LOT of talk about routines & Procedures. I read quite a few short books & then next thing I knew it was time to go! It literally flew by!

 I figured out how to use photobooth this morning :) 

Thank you so much for all your kind words & comments. I so appreciate it & I was really feeling the love :)

Last night D was the best & took me dinner. to 5 GUYS! ummmm YUMMMO! It was so delish. We also went to Barnes & Noble. I could just spend hours in there, not to mention thousands of dollars. & dave being the best boyfriend bought me a children's book :) It was one i have been wanting for my classroom and i am so excited to read it to my kiddos!!

Then of course my evening was ended with Duck Dynasty season premiere. Doesn't get much better than that!!

Even though it's only the second day of school I am so ready for the weekend. Dave is going on some boat adventure/day (i dno really...) & I am going to be at home working on lessons. I am hoping the weather stays this gorgeous & i can open my windows! My apartment is in DESPERATE need of a deep cleaning so it is getting it Saturday afternoon!!

& now my kids are at Art & I am working on lessons :) #teacherlife

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! We can make it loves


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  1. I am SOOO happy that it's going well for you! I knew you'd do great! I wish I could come hang with you this weekend.

    Love you lots!!!

  2. yay for the first day of school going so well!!!!!!!!! You are a rock star...but I would want to go to art with them!


  3. Agree with you on the Barnes and Noble front. I could spend every dime I have in there! Lol.

    My mom is a teacher and she's obsessed with children's books! I have to admit, they are pretty adorable.

    Glad things are going well in the classroom so far!

  4. ahhh I am glad it is going well love.
    You kind of make me excited to go back...key word...kind of!
    still not ready for summer to end!

  5. YAY! Time flies when you're having fun so yesterday must have been a blast with those kiddos. So sweet of him to take you to dinner and buy you a book for your classroom. Have a fantastic rest of the week!

  6. Yay I'm so glad day one went well!!

  7. Happy to hear the year is starting off well! :)

  8. Awesome to see that everything is going well! I wish you all the best! :D

    x Leah Symonne x


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