Monday, August 12, 2013

I AM BACKKKK! {Classroom Pictures inside}


well I am back my darlings! I hope you enjoyed my lovely guest posters last week! I am really trying to get back in the swing of things with le blog. Life has been HECTIC and crazy the past week. I had meetings on meetings on meetings last week. Luckily I learned a lot..along with being SO overwhelmed. THANK GOD I have a strong supportive team of teachers I work with who are going to help me.

So this weekend was fairly low key.

Friday was spent at school in building meetings and working in my class a bit. D was out with one of his friends so i spent the evening just relaxing and playing on pinterest. It was so nice to just be on my couch and have some alone time.

Saturday I was up & at 'em early. I got my tush to the gym and got a workout in. Then Staples was having teacher appreciation day so i headed over there. My parents came down and helped me put the final touches in my classroom. I am so blessed to have them in my life and they were so incredibly helpful getting everything set up with me.

& now the moment you have all been waiting for..haha yea right.. MY ROOM :)

 My room :))
 Behavior Clip Chart
 View from my door
 My small group reading table
 From my small group reading table
 Front of my desk

 Classroom Library & the baller octopus I made
My Classroom Library
 The bulletin board outside my room

My Desk

Saturday night I got together with a few friends downtown. I hadn't seen them in a while & it was great to be out and not working on school stuff.

Sunday we went out to D's parent's house to celebrate his birthday---WHICH IS TODAY :)))It was such a good time. We had sloppy joes & all the fixins', cake & played Catch Phrase. The boys played catch & shot their bows. It was a lovely sunday.


& Now I am here. Sitting in my classroom trying to get ready for tonight. EEEEK!
Wish me luck.

Happy Monday Babes!!

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  1. I LOVE YOUR CLASSROOM! Ahhh I am so excited for you!!!

    And Happy Birthday to D, of course!

  2. LOVE your classroom! It is so cute!

  3. Awesome cute and creative! Good luck with the new class!

  4. Happy birthday to the boy! Love the classroom, it looks so fun! I miss the fun classrooms from elementary school.

  5. Love your classroom!! I move in tomorrow - AHH! Any tips or tricks for moving & settling in??

  6. Love the color scheme! For Cash's big boy room I want to go navy, green & orange. :) You did a great job! I might have missed what you have going on tonight. Do you have an open house at school? Whatever it is, good luck! :) You'll do great!

  7. Aww your classroom looks amazing!!
    So happy for you!
    Happy Birthday to D!

  8. Happy birthday to D! You did such a great job with the classroom! The octopus is awesome :)

  9. Happy Birthday to D!!! I have to say thank you for giving me a childhood moment and bringing me back to elementary school. Your classroom is so happy and fun!!! LOVE the library area..looks so comfy and the octopus, great job! Goodness, we had nothing this nice in our classrooms. You'll be a cool teacher!! Your outfit is so cute!!! Love the necklace

  10. ADORABLE! I can't believe I missed this! Mine is still a work in progress...It will get there though! I promise. I'm waiting on a book shelf.


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