Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hodge Podge

Happy Tuesday Darlings :)

I am exhausted this morning already. Probably because my alarm went off at 4:45 am and i was at the gym by 5. EFF. I don't if I will get used to it.  Doubtful. #ohtobeskinny

So last night I watched RHOC reunion part two. I literally cannot get enough. I still haven't seen the last episode. ACK. I am SOOO behind on RHONJ. I suck.  Anyways, poor gretchen. Everyone pretty much told her she is the worst  ever.---good lord. I hate alexis as always. 

Vicki, HYPOCRITE. END OF STORY. but really, she is crazy. She holds herself to a totally different standard than anyone else. She can do& say things and then when someone says something SIMILAR but totally true, she breaks down & screams.

My kiddos have been really great so far. I won't lie pretty chatty, but i am bringing the hammer down this week. We are working on being quiet in the hallway & especially at carpet time.

They are precious & I already love all of them. Eeeek. I am so lucky :)

I am sorry I have been sucky on the whole reading & commenting. Things are finally getting into the routine & I am trying to make more time for le blog & catching up on all you lovers.

Can we also talk about how effing excited I am the Duck Dynasty is back on. I am basically counting down until wednesday! uh yeah, happy happy happy.

I have noticed a LOT of my post today is about TV. I wish I was embarrassed, yea right.

My iPhone might be here today!!! FINGERS CROSSED!!!!

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  1. RHOC...oh my!!!! Crazy crazy drama! I'm behind on RHONJ too. Props to you for being in the gym so early - go girl!! I need to get back in that habit. I've been so lazy!

  2. I hope your iPhone gets in today!!! We can have a text session on how to use it! LOL - it's pretty easy and user friendly, though.

    I'm glad your kiddos are good! :)

  3. Whoo hoo for your iphone!

    The reunion is crazy.. it's like RHNJ where they all ganged up on Tereasa (thankfully because of Fame Whorgas I now know why lol) but I felt like that's what they were doing to Gretchen but no where near as nasty. Gretchen is by far not my fav, but I definitely felt bad for her last night and am glad that Tamra came over to comfort her.

  4. Totally agree with you about Vicki. She's always telling everyone to "own it" but she owns NOTHING!! Drives me insane. I have to say, Tamra is quickly becoming my fave (but I think I'll always be Team Gretchen). She's matured so much and it made me so happy to see her go to the other couch and comfort Gretchen while she was crying! It's like she's actually trying to stop being a bitch.

  5. I watched the reunion this morning it just drives me bat shit crazy. I wish Vicki would just disappear. So glad your enjoying your class!

  6. I'm behind too! I saw the first part though and just drama drama drama! Can't wait to get caught up. Have you considered taking a preworkout before you go to the gym? It helps get you up and going at the gym and also helps keep your energy levels good throughout the day. It was a huge game changer for me and I would recommend it to anyone who goes that early in the AM!


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