Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Guest Post {introducing Katie}


I am gone again today! Yesterday, my first day of new teacher orientation, was amazing!! We got so much information, went on a bus tour of the district, scavenger hunt &&&&& got out mac book airs!! AHH :) I am obsessed, i am still trying to learn how to use it! I cannot wait to use it in all cool way for my kiddos!! Today, the new girls in our building are meeting with our principal & hopefully working our rooms!!

Now the lovely lady who is taking over for me is actually an IRL friend!! We met in high school & became fast friends!! She is an amazing lady and I am pretty dang lucky to know her, Okay enough gushing...with out further ado--


Hey ya’ll, I’m Katie and my corner on the internet that I blog on is sweet pea’s. I blog mostly about our life: my husband is in the U.S. Air Force and I’m a first year, first grade teacher! We have two sweet fur babies, Lilly & Shiloh, and they go everywhere with us. We’re stationed in Las Vegas, but you can usually find us skiing in Utah, camping in Colorado, or escaping to California on weekends. If I sound familiar, it’s because this is my second time guest posting with Sarah (first time can be found here). I would love for ya’ll to come follow along on my blog!

Autumn is probably my favorite season. My husband & I will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary at the end of October, which is ½ of why I love autumn so much. The other ½ would have to be the cool temps, camp fires and s'mores, and the changing leaves. The day we got married, we were signing all of our paperwork with the Air Force and he laughed saying he could never forget our anniversary because things start getting spooky everywhere as it approaches (it’s a mere 3 days before Halloween…). Such a romantic.

In preparation of autumn, I’ve been getting all of my classroom stuff for my sweet, little firsties ready which you can check out on my blog here and here.

Aside from school stuff, I’m a sucker for decorating for autumn after the Fourth of July. My husband does not agree with this, especially since it’s still about 105* outside. Honestly ya’ll, what’s left of summer once that holiday is gone?! I’d prefer everything that comes along with autumn, ya'll.

Here’s a few little things I’ve been doing around our house to kick the door on summer’s butt welcome autumn:

To save some money, and welcome autumn at the front door, I made this simple diy burlap bowed wreath. My husband & I are from Texas, so Bucky the deer is here to stay and I got him a little buddy in our “love is brave” pillow. Something about it feels autumn-like to me. Maybe the natural, basic colors? Autumn scented candles are also a huge must for me. I just might buy out all of bath & body works’ caramel apple candles! We also recently got a 1929 player piano. How cute is it with pumpkins on top?!

And a few of my to-dos for autumn (thanks to pinterest):

from here

from here

from here

I am loving that wreath with the mini pumpkins, and who doesn't love vanilla candles in coffee beans? I recently started on my first quilt, and would love to make an adaption of the pinwheel quilt on the left in shades of blue, or maybe yellows.

Thanks, ya’ll for taking time to read about my obsession with everything autumn! And a huge thanks to sweet miss Sarah for letting me guest post, again! Lucky duck that she’s working in her classroom (I don’t move into mine for another week or so). I would love for all ya’ll to follow me, so here’s links to each of my social medias:
instagram (username: katieg89)
twitter (username: katie_sweetpeas)



Have a great Tuesday dolls!!

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  1. I'm glad your first day of orientation went well! :) xo

  2. Thanks so much for letting me guest post, hon! I'm glad to hear your first day of orientation went well. I'm 1 week away from moving into my classroom and orientations, ahh!! I'm gonna need to pick your brain this weekend and chat teacher-stuff ;)


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