Monday, August 5, 2013

Drink On It

I am starting my new teacher orientation today! Do not worry, i have a special lady taking over!

So, when my love bug Sarah posted about needed guest posters I was all like "uhhh duhhh" - because I mean she was my very first blate. Anywayyyy, I'm Stephanie and I blog over at Drink On It. I have a cute dog named Walter and I blog about our lives. 
Here's a picture to go with the name:
Today I'm going to share some of my favorite things to do during the Fall. Summer is coming to an end so I must look forward and make some plans for the Fall!
Going to the Zoo: The St. Louis Zoo is freeee. I love going there. However; I do not like going there when there is a huge crowd, because it does get pretty crazy in there. So, I try to get there right when it opens. All the exhibits that normally cost money are usually free within the first hour and you don't have as big of a crowd. I can focus on taking some pictures then. Plus, it's typically cooler during the fall so it's nicer when you walk around for a couple hours.
You can view more zoo photos here.
Going to the park: I love that the cooler weather of the Fall season allows me to take my dog to the park more often. He just gets way too hot to be going during the summer. 
Having drinks on the patio: Let's be honest, I will do this during Spring, Summer, Fall...and Winter if it's not too cold. But, I will say, during the Fall is one of the best times. Not too hot, not too cold. Perfect time for a mimosa or a spritzer. Relaxing and maybe a book to read.
Photography: As you can see from above I love photography. I even have my own website for it. Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons and such a great time to take outdoor photos (even of nature itself). I hope to spend more time doing photography this Fall.
Running/Walking outside: I have been trying to get on an exercise routine. I use my elliptical during Summer and Winter because honestly it's too hot or cold for me to be running outside. Yes, I know, I'm a big baby. But the Fall is the perfect time to run outside. I can't wait. :)
What do you like to do during the fall?!
Hope you come check us out!
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go see her stat!
Have a good one!!
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  1. eeek! I heart you! good luck this week and have fun!

  2. Love the photography! Autumn is one of my favorites for the colors in nature, too. I miss the midwest so much for that reason. Oh, and Sarah - it looks like I'll be back in the STL in October!! YAYYY!!! :D


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