Friday, August 2, 2013

but seriously, TGIF

This week HAS FLOWN BY!!! I have been in my classroom everyday except for Monday! Things are coming together quite nicely. I still have SOOOO much to do & I am getting more nervous by the minute. What if I can't teach?? What if these kids NEVER know what is going on & totally fail them. I am so nervous. aaaccck.

Anywhoos, I have SOME amazing guest posters lined up for next week!! Thank you to all who saved me from going on a mini hiatus!! I cannot wait to share you with the rest of my readers.


Can we all just take a minute process this current predicament. If you are not sure what I am talking about read here & here. (thanks Jordan for sending these to me & getting me caught up)

HOLY CRAP! This is insane to think they could get years in prison. I love how their lawyer is saying he thinks they are being prosecuted more harshly because of their celeb status. PLEASE, they are probably going to get off with a fine/probation etc BECAUSE of their celeb status. I am honestly not as shocked that it's true, but that it didn't come out earlier. What does this mean for RHONJ?

Shit hit the fan tre, shit hit the fan.

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Have a great weekend!
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  1. Have you seen the Free Tre shirts??? Hilarious!

  2. Omg! I can't believe that about Joe and Teresa. Well, I can. I just wasn't sure if anything was ever going to happen. It seems like their case has been on going for years now. And now that what they did is actually coming to light. I'm speechless!

  3. I LOVE YOU! And you will be the best teacher ever!!!

  4. You're welcome! You are going to be a GREAT teacher! Totally normal to be nervous but you will be fine :) Can't wait to see how all this Guidice business unfolds! YIKES!

  5. aw don't worry about failing them, you will do great. that's why you have that job! :)
    Ok soooo, I kinda think it's hilarious if they get years in prison. To think that you scam that much money and get away with it is ridiculous. I wouldn't even consider them celebrity because if they didn't scam all that money they never would have been on the show. They live a lie and now dragged all their kids down with them. Those kids think money is everything and now they'll have nothing and parents in jail. It's sad.

  6. You are hilarious and you are going to be a wonderful teacher lady!!!!


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