Wednesday, August 21, 2013

after 8978953893 years

I am officially a smart phone user. iPhone 5 TO BE CORRECT :)

I am still trying to figure it all out. I made an instagram
------ sarah71389
add me, maybe?
I do not have any pictures...and I am still trying to figure out how to get everyone on my 'feed' i guess? I only have one person i follows pictures on the feed

Of course I have been at school all day so i haven't really been able to plan. I had the most frustrating math lesson today on telling time (to/past times aka what time is 12minutes past 4, or what time is it if i say 14minute to 6) SO HARD. They looked at my like i had three heads...eff.

BUT we shall try again tomorrow.
Happy Hump Day friends!!

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  1. yayyyyyy for iPhone! I'm following you on Instagram (from both my accounts lol)

  2. Woo! Gonna follow you on InstaG as soon as my internet stops being stupid & lets me. :)

  3. That'a girl!! Welcome to the wonderful world of iPhone addiction. You can sit next to me at the next iPhoneaholics meeting if you'd life.

  4. Get it girl! eeeek MOVIN' ON UP!!!! Follow me on IG @themrsburris =) I am addicted!

  5. welcome to the world of iPhone! you will be addicted! :)

  6. Whoo hoo! You're going to LOVE your phone!

    You can follow me on instagram: @GreenFashionista

  7. Good for you girl! Following you! :) IG @smithamy91909

  8. Totes jealous of the fab new iphone. I've been wanting one forever! Fingers crossed I can get one soon, because my iPhone 4 is really starting to fall to pieces.

    Also, I'm following you on Insta now, so you better start posting stuff!! :) @worldsnoister

  9. I just joined the smart phone world less than a year ago...haven't looked back!

  10. smart phones are amazing! I love my droid.


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