Monday, August 19, 2013


Ever heard that saying? My mom used to say it all the time! Basically...I am a day late with my weekend post, mostly because it was a fairly low key weekend. I am totally fine with it.

Friday went basically like this:
-dinner with Lindsey
-sleep, I was a huge grandma & was passed out by 9:30 or so. I was SO exhausted from my week!

Saturday was a bit more productive. I got up early made breakfast & started in on lessons. D was out on a boat with his family all day so i had ZERO distractions when it came to writing my lessons. I also cleaned out my closet & dresser. I felt ultra productive...THEN THE BEST PART OF THE WEEKEND...i went and looked at NEW PHONES!! You got it folks I will be entering the smart phone world, hopefully as of tomorrow!!! My parents so kindly allowed me to stay on their plan (THANK GOD!) and they switched to verizon which mean new phones. my new iphone 5 was shipped this morning!!!! EEEEK! I am praying I will get it tomorrow, possibly at the latest wednesday! 

I am legit over the moon!!! :) Its probably going to take me 8098700 years to figure how to use it, but i simply cannot wait!!

Saturday night we went to the karaoke bar, a dandy time at that. Of course when certain ex boyfriends & their finaces show up...its always a bit of a buzz kill. BUT we had a fab time anyway.
Why is my face so fat?  put down the chocolate sarah, put down the chocolate!!

Sunday we slept in then watched a few episode of Orange is the New Black (OBSESSED) & of course weeds. It was D's brother's bday so we went to his parents house to celebrate with dinner & cake. The boys shot their bows & played catch. It was AMAZING weather so the girls sat in chairs in the yard & chatted.

Also I am planning on being a much better blogger this week & get some posts better scheduled!!

It was a fab weekend!
Happy Monday!!

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  1. Eek! I'm excited you are entering the iPhone world! I will help you out with WHATEVER you need. :)


  2. You're going to LOVE your smartphone and it's super user friendly so don't worry about not knowing how to navigate it ;-)

    And when ex's show up when you're out, just continue having a good time and show them what they missed out on.

  3. nuh uh you are not late. It's monday - your day to post about the weekend. Do you need a break from the kids already?! :)

    Happy Monday and Happy switching to iphone land :)


  4. OOOH girl you will loooooooooooooove you Iphone!

  5. Sounds like a good weekend. Hooray for iphone.

  6. I finished OITNB last weekend and I can't wait for another season! It's SO good. iPhones are extremely user friendly, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it in no time. You're going to LOVE it!


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