Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Things I don't do well

Hello Friends!

Ugghh tuesday, no one likes ya. Get outta here. So anyway last night was my birthday dinner & it was so fun! We went to this really nice restaurant that is inside bass pro. It was a lot of sea food meals, which are muh fave! It was so good :)


so a while back I share with you some things I do well. It wasn't an extensive list or anything but ya know, i do some things pretty well. However on the other hand, there are things I DO NOT do well...at all. So today I am sharing those with you.

{1} Whistle. I cannot whistle. I just cannot. I have not mastered that skill. So many people have tried to show me, but alas I am an idiot.

{2}Remember to buy dryer sheets. I just gave up a long time ago. i always forget. Thank god D always has them & since I do laundry at his house...i just steal his.

{3} Vacuuming. I hate it. I put it off way more than I should, i am gross. I know. I just don't like doing it thus it gets put off.

{4} Taking compliments well. I always feel awkward. If someone says "oh i like that dress" I can never just say thank you. I always end up saying where i  got it from or how much of a deal I got on it. i am akward, aca-awkward.

{5} Parking. I cannot park my car. I know you all hate people like me. This picture just speaks for itself.
mine is the silver car...but in my defense..lindsey's is the red.

what are some things you don't do well??

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  1. I can't back into a parking space or parallel park! haha. I also don't take compliments well. I do exactly what you do.

  2. Ugh vacuuming is the worst, I cannot do it. I hate it. Which is great given all of mine and Hawkeye's hair everywhere. Every single occasion where I might get a present, I ask my mom for a roomba, and I have since I was 19. Never get one. She bought me some crazy expensive Dyson contraption that I can't even work. ROBOT VACUUM why is that so hard?!

  3. I can't parallel part, thankfully I don't have to very often. I can't take a compliment either, I always deflect. I also can't cook pork. It's the one meat no matter what I do, follow everyone's amazing "can't screw it up" recipe, I screw it up. I gave up, we don't eat it.

  4. haha I am so OCD about parking..I just can never get it right!

  5. I honestly don't think I've ever bought a box of dryer sheets. Haha, whoops!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday!! I can't whistle to save my life, but my best friend Mollie does it so well that she did it in front of a whole crowd when The Buried Life came to visit at a university... she whistled the entire chorus of a Train song, no less

  7. Get yourself some dryer sheets girl! Not only do they make your laundry smell even more fresh, you should stick them in your suitcases before you store them away so that when you take them out for your next trip, they'll smell nice ;)

  8. haha you are too funny! I can't park either...I hate it! I can kind of whistle but Justin makes fun of me every time I try :) haha Happy Birthday dinner night! You look fabulous my dear! :)


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