Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Happy Wednesday Friends!!
For some of you this is your friday & to that I say, raise your glass/beer  take a big ole swig!!

I of course am already off, but Dave is off tomorrow & we plan on celebrating the fourth right!!
Poolside & Brews :) 
The weather has been amazing here so i am praying it stays that way!

What are you doing for the fourth?

I know this has nothing to with the fourth, but its HILARIOUS.

 I am also going to be heading home on Friday to spend the weekend with the family & get a lot of my classroom stuff being stored there. I am excited to see my parents & my sister, it's been too long!

So last night I took dave out for date night. He always takes me out so i figured it was my turn to spoil him. We went & got hibachi. OMG it was amazing. I have only had it twice & both time it was just okay. We went to this place on the south side that I never really go to & it was FANTASTIC!! Delish & sooo much food. Afterward we went to the $1..i mean $1.50 show & saw Identity Thief! GO SEE IT!! Well by now you will have to rent it, but it is sooo good, i love Melissa McCarthy. We are gonna go see 'the heat' soon with her and sandra bullock.

Also, I have been watching WAYYYY too much 'Cops'. I know i have said i love that show, but I am ADDICTED! They have like 'sub' shows where it's basically 'Cops' but they are on the Vegas Strip or on a lake somewhere...& i just cannot get enough!!! D makes fun of me daily about it. I don't even care.

well that is all the rambling I will do. I have don't have much for ya!!
Enjoy your day off tomorrow babes!

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  1. I saw The Heat on Monday! It was HILARIOUS! :)

  2. Haha that ecard! That's what I say to waiters every time they pour those half glasses of wine when we order the full bottle. Might as well pour it all in bucko, we're drinking it anyway.

  3. I'll take a bucket of whatever... especially since i have to work on Friday. Happy 4th!!

  4. Ohhhhh hibachi sounds SO good right now!! I am starving. Glad y'all had a nice date! Hope y'all have a great 4th of July - cheers!

  5. I LOVE identity thief. :) so great and I really want to see the heat.

    sounds like a fun fourth love. :)

  6. Identity Thief was so funny, I love Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman. I'm excited for The Heat too!

    that's possibly the best e-card ever, I'm stealing it.

  7. I just saw The Heat today! HILARIOUS! Seriously. Melissa McCarthy is one of my faves! Enjoy your 4th and your weekend home! :)


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