Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oh so you're new around here.

Happy Wednesday Friends!!

My parents are getting in today! They are staying til Sunday morning which makes me very happy! We are going to dinner with the teacher i did my student teaching with tomorrow night & then doing 'springfield' things the rest of the week including *hopefully* working in my classroom AND i am taking them to my karaoke bar with Dave & I on Saturday :)

So with all these new faces around here, I thought I would share a little more about myself. I know a lot of you are from Allie's giveaway but I am so excited you are here & hope you stick your little hineys around! I really need to update my 'about me' page but that just seems like a huge effing that will have to wait.

Here are just a few pretty important tidbits about me

{1} I am a 3rd grade teacher. I just got my first full time real big girl job! I am starting my first year of teaching THREE WEEKS FROM TODAY...can we say 'holy shit!' in unison. I am scared & happy & nervous all the same time.

{2} I love a glass of wine. I enjoy sitting on the patio or just my couch in sweats and enjoying a nice wine. Oh and by 'nice' i mean 8-9 dollar per bottle max. And by glass, a solo cup is just fine by me.

{3} Country music soothes my soul. It simply completes me & i cannot think of one day I have not listened to it. Plus those country artists, they are DAMN fine.

{4} I am reality TV obsessed. You name it, there is a 95% chance i have caught at least one sode. I am very partial to anything on Bravo, specifically The Real Housewives franchise.

{5} I love to eat. Which probs explains the size of MY HINEY, but i also love to cook & make healthy things. I don't share a lot of recipes on here, but every once in a while i do.

{6}I have a teeeeny attention span. I tend to be bored & i like to be doing something. However, laying on the couch all day on a sunday is my idea of a great time!

{7} My favorite color is green. 

{8} I have tiny feet and hands, oh and I am only 5' tall. I am a little lady.

{9} I am good listener. I dont always know what to say but i am always here for a good rant/happiness/cry.

{10}  I have slight OCD. Which is why i couldn't just leave this list at 9 things and why my closet/dresser is color coordinated and why all my books line up tallest to shortest on my book cases. No exceptions..oh & my dvds are alphabetized.

Well there ya have it :) If you are new say hello, i'd love to get to know you!!

Oh & just to remind you of how pretty I am---



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  1. I love you and this list!
    I love being on the couch (or in bed) on sunday's watching TV. It rejuvenates me for the week!
    Obvs country music, duh!
    And I love food. Lots of food. Lots of crap food.

  2. Great list! Love getting to know more about people!

  3. Loved getting to know more about you! I'm with you good wine ($10 for a special occasion) out of a glass (or whatever I can find) is the best! Oh and I'm with you on the slightly OCD thing, too. Hey, we've all got our things ;)

  4. I would have guessed your fave color was blue! Haha. You are going to make a great teacher! Can't wait to hear about all those kids and their crazy antics. My 3rd grade teacher was the devil so I'm pretty sure I would have much rather have had you!

  5. Are your 3rd graders taller than you? :)

  6. Haha, your list is AWESOME. I literally thought about looking at pictures to confirm that I'm 4" taller than you, but I am. No doubts anymore ;) Miss you!! And lucky duck, you get to work in your classroom already! I don't get to move into mine until mid-August. Womp womp...

  7. yup. cut from the same mold. yikes.
    uhm so excited for you and your classroom!!!!!!


  8. 3 weeks?! Do the kids start in 3 weeks, too? Most of the schools around here don't go back until AFTER Labor Day. Although, they did get out the second or so week into June. Also, my closet is color coordinated...Luke's side isn't & it drives me nuts! Have a wonderful time with your fam!

  9. Wine+country+reality tv+food = are we BFFS???

  10. you are so great! love you girly!

    right there with you on OCD and country music! :) :)

    have fun with your 'rents!!!

  11. Pooerz! You didn't mention Harry Potter!

  12. Holla! Short girls for the win. I'm only 5 foot tall as well.


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