Friday, July 5, 2013

'Merica aftermath


I hope all of you beautiful ladies are off!! I know some of you had to go into work today! That is ridiculous, if you as me..everyone should have gotten today off! Going in for one more day, what kind of hell is that?

Anyways, I had an amazing 4th of July. D & I got moving early. He made me breakfast (insert awww) & then we laid by the pool for a few hours. It was pretty warm but the water felt great!! Then we ran a  few errands. We ended up out at his older brother's house for a BBQ & a few fireworks. Now in case you were keeping track...this was the first time I have met his family. Now let me tell you i was a nervous wreck. I changed me outfit multiple times. What if they hated me??? I was a sweaty mess. BUT I think it went well. They are wonderful. Even better than I had imagined! Now....hopefully they liked me too??


Well I am linking up with Friday Fancies & obvi the theme was Fourth of July. This is what I came up with. Simple for a hot day of BBQing yet very chic,

Merica -FF

Merica -FF by sar789 featuring straw fedora hats

HOW was your fourth???
See you on Monday loves!!
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  1. Love the outfit! Very casual, but cute!

  2. I'm working today! *raises hand* Crap, crap, crap I tell you! Haha, love that outfit. So cute...I wish I could pull off a fedora!

  3. Ooo! How exciting! What did you end up wearing? Details, girl! :)

  4. cute blog and outfit choice! :) Just found you from the give away -- now following along!!!


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