Friday, July 26, 2013

I've got a crush on you..


So last night we went out for dinner with the teacher I worked with during Student Teaching. She is such a great person & helped me more way than I can even count. It was nice to go out to dinner & share all my ideas and just chat.

We were suppose to work in my classroom tomorrow, but the wax won't be dry in my hallway..thus its not happening.. SO BUMMED!

Today I am linking up with Friday Fancies because the theme is 'style crush' Now i am always jealous of pretty much what everyone wears but i don't know if its because I have been watching 'The Hills' every day but my jealousy of lauren conrad has grown. Thus, she is my style crush and who i am modeling this weeks look after.

Here is my take on Lauren Conrad's style

FF-Style Crush

FF-Style Crush by sar789 featuring butter london nail polish

What do ya think??! I am obsessed with that dress!! 
Have a fab weekend, see ya on the flip side lovers!

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  1. You could totally pull off that dress and look fab!!! I love Lauren Conrad.

  2. I love her too! Agreed - obsessed with that dress!

  3. I have been watching the Hills non stop! I love LC! She's so cute! I want to ask for all of the seasons of Laguna Beach and The Hills for Christmas. I need to have them in my DVD collection!

    new follower!


  4. I used to LOOOOOOVE LC! She was always my fav on Laguna Beach!

  5. I've been on a New Girl kick lately but you've inspired me to indulge in a The Hills marathon soon! You would look great in those! Audrina Patridge is one of my style icons (femenine but with an edge)... we should just make our own show and use their wardrobes?

  6. Lauren Conrad is AH-MAZING. SO love her. So much so that I went to her book singing last year and got to meet her- no joke!

    It was freaking awesome!

    ENJOY your weekend, friend!


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