Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Introducing Leah {guest post}


So you can find me over at this sassy lady's blog today! She is one of my faves & i am dead set on meeting her one of these days. We are definitely two peas in a pod. However since I am gone I am letting this lady take over! Her name is leah & i only recently found her! She is just darling and I know you will love her!!

without further ado--


Hello there readers of Silly Incantations!

 How are y'all? I'm Leah Symonne, but most of my friends call me Leli. So Sarah was super nice and let me do a little guest post on her blog. I've written guest blog posts before, but none where I was given complete liberty to come up with what to say. I thought endlessly about what I was going to write about and debated long & hard with myself about doing facts about me. Especially given, I'm not a very interesting person... But then I remembered, "Leah you may not be interesting, but damn, you're kinda weird :)." So I thought I'd share those weird things about myself. Firstly: It's nearly impossible for me to take a serious picture. Whenever a camera is put in front of my face whether by me or someone else I feel a moral obligation to pull the weirdest (scariest) face I possibly can.
I wasn't caught off guard doing any of these. I did this all myself. I'm the only one to blame. Secondly: (Something I don't even quite understand myself) is that I can't sleep on darkly coloured sheets, or with a darkly coloured (especially dark with a pattern) cover. Is this some kind of phobia? Fear of dark sheets... I don't know but currently this is my bed:
I'm not sure how comforters get any brighter or WHITER than that. I thought about investigating why I have such a hard time sleeping on darkly coloured sheets...but then I thought maybe it's best I didn't know. :) Thirdly: My favourite colour is red. Almost obsessively so.
Fourthly: I always put the milk in before the cereal so the cereal doesn't get soggy at all. I hate soggy cereal, second only to darkly coloured sheets. And lastly: I'm not not very good at talking about myself, or coming up with random facts. But, I promise one day I will post the 5th fact that actually y'know...goes with the rest of this list...
Thank you for reading this & thank you to Sarah for letting me guest post. You can find me on my blog RIGHT HERE. See ya there?
It was lovely to meet you all. Buh bye! :) 
x Leah Symonne x


see I told ya, just darling!! && btw this girl hates soggy cereal too!!
See ya tomorrow!
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