Thursday, July 25, 2013

I wonder

ONE DAY TIL FRIDAY!! we can do it :)

Happy Thursday Friends!! My parents are in town and we are gonna run errands all day possibly go to branson & do some shopping. My parents are staying at my place this week so save monies so we can do more fun things, which is just fine by me. However since I only have a one bedroom & one couch (that is currently being occupied by my sister) so i am a nomad who has to beg her ever so sweet man friend to let me stay at his place this week. Good thing he is such a doll & said yes before i actually had to beg :)

Okay so do you ever just WONDER about things? I do a lot. I always wonder about other people & how they do things, why they do things etc etc. SO here are somethings i wonder--

  I always wonder if bloggers have two twitters? Do they have one they use for blogging purposes and one for like IRL families and friends? I guess this kinda goes along with if people in IRL know about your blog. I don't go around flaunting it or talking about it a lot, but i have it as a website on FB and i talk to bloggy friends on my one and  only twitter.So anyone could figure it out if they really cared.

I always wonder how people sleep with socks on a normal basis. I guess i can understand if its winter & freezing, but just on any normal day? NOOOO, how is this comfortable?? D sleeps with socks on..weird.

I also wonder which people face in the shower. I am not being creepy but i always face the back of my shower (away from the water) even when I am shampooing my hair. I just step away from the water so it doesn't hit my hair, but some people turn around and face the water.

I wonder why snooki always is so defensive on twitter saying no one really knows her when people bring up her partying and binge drinking when THAT IS EXACTLY WHY SHE IS FAMOUS!! She spent her first  4 or so years in the public eye being a drunk idiot and now doesn't know why people judge her or call her out on things...girlfran, YOU DID THOSE THINGS!!! Don't get me wrong i still follow her and read all her tweets but i bugs me.

I wonder what i did before blogging. Because I feel like i still watch a lot of TV but what did i do before this?? hmmm....

What are somethings you wonder??!

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  1. I face the back of the shower.
    I have ONE twitter. I have contemplated making two, but it's far too late for that now. Plus, that's just a lot of work!
    And sock in bed? NO WAY. I wouldn't be able to fall asleep unless I was drunk! LOL
    Have fun with your family!!!!
    Love you!

  2. Yesss, I have two twitters! It's a pain but I keep my IRL friends out of the blogger world. (Unless they are a blogger, of course!) Some bloggie friends that I am close with follow my personal, yet I always get confused as to which to post from! :P

  3. I only have one twitter. I would think it would be too hard to keep up with 2. I don't understand how people can face the shower. I always face the back. I feel like I'm drowning if I don't! ha!

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  5. I dont even have a twitter! Weird I know! I always wonder about the little things too. I face the water. hahah. Turning around just feels weird to me! ANDDD sleeping with socks freaks me out. Like my feet feel trapped. hahaha.

    This just inspired me to write my next post! THANKS

  6. Who sleeps with socks on?!?!

  7. I only have one twitter but I very rarely discuss my blog on it. The first time I did, I was kind of nervous but it was a health related post and even some of my friends who had no idea I even wrote a blog read it and I got positive feedback! I'm sure there's a lot of people who think I'm a weirdo (I feel like people who don't blog don't understand why we do what we do) but I care not.

    I CANNOT face the water. I don't want water all up in my grill so I face the other way. Is this weird or something? I also cannot wear socks to bed. I have to have at least one foot sticking out, I HATE when my feet get hot. Yuck.

  8. Haha I LOVE this post. I only have one twitter...but I only really talk to blog friends via twitter anyway. Although, now, everyone knows I have a blog so I guess if my real life friends had a twitter I'd use the same account to talk to everyone... I cannot stand sleeping with socks on! So annoying...if I even try- they're off in two minutes anyways! I switch directions in the shower all the time. Washing my hair, putting conditioner in- I always face the shower...any other time though, I face away from the shower. Such a fun post to 'play along with' :)

  9. sleeping with socks....gross. drives me nuts...I can't do it!!!!

    I am just like you, I only have one twitter but I don't advertise my blog...if people find it....people find it! :)

    have a great time with your parents today!

  10. Sleeping with socks on is weird. Possibly the most uncomfortable thing ever.

    I only have one Twitter because I just started really putting my blog out there on Twitter...none of my IRL friends have commented on it, but I think they know about my blog- just don't read it. And I'm ok with that!

  11. I have two Twitters!! I don't really want anyone IRL to know about my blog and I had my personal Twitter waaaay before I started blogging. It was just easier to make a new one instead of changing my Twitter handle on my personal one.

  12. I so cannot wear socks to bed unless it's freezing, but it's summatime right now :)

    I only have 1 twitter because most of my IRL friends don't have twitter. If it wasn't for the bloggy world I would never have a twitter.

  13. i face away from the shower just like you and sleeping with socks on? uhm no.


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