Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy Day & Miles


woooop it's thursday. I am VERY excited for many reasons. ONE my birthday is in two days which also means FLOATING in two days with some of my very most favoritest people.  

TWO D took tomorrow off so we get to sleep in & then spend the whole day together :) I am a happy camper. I am making homemade chinese *healthy recipe* for us tonight. There might be some crab ragoon, mostly because I am fatty & I love them!

I have yet to pack for said float trip. I haven't even made a list of what i need (SHOCKER). I have however made a list of every alcoholic beverage that is going to be consumed on this float & who is in charge of making/bringing it. FYI- i get jello shots for the group & beers for me and lindsey. She has the fireball. 

All is good in the world.

I am getting pretty excited for my birthday! I cannot wait. We are floating saturday all day then camping etc that night! It is going to be a great time. I checked the forecast and its suppose to be 89 degrees with ZERO chance of rain. HOOOO-RAY! 

I am still trucking along on my miles. I wish I was a litter further, but I am working on it.

Adventures of Manda and Mr Howie

Week 1- 4.20 miles
Week 2- 2.10 miles
Total- 6.30 miles
Miles Left- 23.7 miles

I am on my ever-long quest to be a skinny bitch. Yes I want to be healthy,  le DUH. I want to be able to run & not want to die. D always tells me how much he likes the way i look etc. I want to look slamming for him, obvi.

 But i my biggest motivator right now is i want to be a fashionista teacher. I want to wear all the cute clothes & have other teachers compliment me or think 'man she always looks so cute' that it what i want. I don't want to be schleppy looking teacher. I want to look like a fabulously modern teacher.
Is that weird? 
I am trying to get back to eating way better, its hard through when D always wants to take me to get chinese
or get pizza. STAY STRONG SARAH.

My lunch from yesterday
Brown rice with a laughing cow cheese (27 cals) melted in with turkey sausage
peppers, onions, jalapenos & black beans on top.
A few workouts I want to try--

All pins are from my workout board on Pinterest.
What have you been doing lately??
Happy Thursday Babes!!
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  1. Chinese & pizza....all day errday. kthanksbye!
    I'm a fatty for life. I can't do healty. Like I have a salad for lunch today and all I'm thinking about is a pizza luncheable and a side of chocolate something! haha. or cheese fries.

  2. Happy early Birthday girly!!!

  3. Ahhhhhh Chinese and pizza are my faves! If these were considered healthy, I would be a damn fitness model. Working out is the easy part - it's the eating right part that I have been working on for years and always always always mess up on! I just love food. We're floating the river this Saturday too and it's my first time! So excited! You're doing great with the miles keep it up girl!

  4. You are going to have such a fantastic time, I'm jealous! But not jealous of the fireball, that stuff hates me.

  5. Girl, I'm the same way about wanting to be skinny teacher! I literally get way too excited about finding cute teacher clothes. J. Crew Factory has 40% off their sale prices right now and I just got another pair of their skimmer pants. Love! But I totally hear ya, skinny teacher and someday, skinny mom.

    And I'm so jelly of your float trip for your birthday! It's been YEARS since I went on a float trip. Those pretty much were the highlights of my summer in middle & high school :)

  6. You're doing great with the 30 in 30! I have the same be able to run and not die! Float trips are so fun! Hope you have a blast!

  7. Haha, I love that gif of Rosie! She cracks me up! And look at you go on the 30 in 30! I've never even attempted one (but I'm thinking about it after all this blog inspiration) so you're doing better than me!


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