Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Good Afternoon!
Happy Wednesday! I am so glad this week is half over because i am SO ready for the 
weekend. D & I are going to KC for a mini family reunion (my mom's side)
for the weekend! I am too excited!!

*note-yes I am doing center text again, but maybe just for today*

Soooo all over the blogosphere about a month, maybe more, ago ladies all over
were writing about the things that make them the most happy. Now I am all about jumping
on the bandwagon but i didn't when it was the hot thing to do.

HOWEVER I am jumping on the ever-so-late bandwagon and telling you all about things 
that make me happy.

{1}The laundry detergent aisle. I love how it smells. It has always been my favorite aisle.
Even when I was a little girl I am pretty sure I walked even slower through it.
I am HUGE lover of 'clean' scents so obvi the laundry detergent aisle is

{2} Hearing my favorite song on the radio. Sure I can listen to it 2165453
time on spotify but hearing it on the radio is just more...special?
I can't describe it.

{3}Chocolate. Pretty much any chocolate any time.

{4}Knowing I will be real-full-fledged teacher next year. Some days I still cannot
believe it. I am so incredibly excited & happy that I have a full time job doing what
i love so much.

{5} Making a recipe & having it turn out delicious. I cook a lot for D & I and usually it 
is the old reliable dishes so every once in a while i will try something new
and when it turns out amazing it makes my heart happy.

{6} Gas prices going down right when i fill up. le duh.

{7}Peanut butter toast. Gah, the perfect breakfast? pretty much.

{8} 75 degree weather with puffy clouds & blue blue skies

out n about one day in springfield.

{9} Snuggles. Cliche, i know. But I love to snuggle. Whether it be with
D, my parents cat, my little baby cousins, i love snuggles :)

{10} Finding the perfect outfit. I love when I am out looking for something
to wear for a specific occasion and I just find the perfect thing.

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  1. PB toast :)

    bright blue skies and fluffy clouds :)

  2. awwww - yay for happy sarah!

  3. I love peanutbutter toast too!! It's good! I also love hearing my favorite song on the radio. It's an 80's song (Everybody wants to rule the World by Tears for Fears) so it is very far and few between that I hear it.

    Love. Happiness.


  4. I got gas the other day right before it went up 20 cents. Happiness, for sure!

  5. Reading this made me happy. I love laundry scents too! When I got my Scentsy burner, I got Clean Breeze. LOVE. Family reunions are so fun! Is this the first time D is meeting the extended family? :) :)


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