Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Letters

Well hello there!

Didya miss me yesterday?? I took a day off because honestly...i had nothing blog worthy to write about.
I spent the day labeling all my books for my classroom library. Then i got the email saying i could be in my classroom tomorrow TO START WORKING ON THINGS!!! AHHHH :) However it's only for the day because all of next week they will be waxing the floors in my hall which means I cannot get back in there until the 29th! eeeks! I am so excited & nervous & scared & happy and ahhh :)

Also I just finished packing for the Family Reunion this weekend!! I am excited to bring D up to KC to meet all of my mom's side. I hope he doesn't hate me after this weekend!!

Now onto friday letters

 Dear D, thank you so much for coming with me this weekend. I know you are nervous & it's a bit out of your comfort zone to be meeting all of my family at once. You are such a good sport & thank you for putting up with me especially when i got snippy earlier this week. You are wonderful and i am such a lucky girl to have found you.

Dear School, AHHHHHHHHH! I am so excited to be going into my classroom today. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have a job and how excited I am. I am also scared shitless that I am going to fail but so ready for this new chapter!

Dear Family, please be nice to Dave & don't give him too hard of a time. Just a little bit ;)

Dear Self, BREATHE!!! Just breathe, it's going to be okay.

Dear STL Cards, I LOVE YA!!

Dear Florida Georgia Line, so word on the street is you are coming to Springfield in October. You can bet your sweet asses I will be there & i will be singing every song right back to you. Oh tyler farr, yah i know you will be there too and I cannot wait!

Dear new readers, HELLO there :) So glad you are here & I promise to have way better posts next week! I'd love to meetcha so email or comment me! Thanks for being here.

ookay I am heading out! Wish me luck!!
See ya monday babes!!!

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  1. Congrats on the classroom!! Take pictures. I want to see FLAGA Line so bad when they come to Springfield but I'm going to a concert 3 days later and I can't justify 2 concerts in 3 days. Womp womp.

  2. Yay for the classroom! And this weekend will be FUN!
    I want to go to Florida Georgia Line withhhhh you :)
    Love you! xo

  3. Setting up a new classroom is so fun and exciting! Good luck :)

  4. YAY I just know y'all will have a blast this weekend! So glad you have your D and I have mine :) Yay for D's. (that sounds dirty haha) HAVE FUN GIRL!

  5. look at you - 204 readers! boom.

    good luck this weekend! xoxo

  6. That GIF is making me want a mimosa!!! lol

  7. Really loving the breathe picture!!! Enjoy spending time in your classroom :)

  8. Have fun at the reunion, love that he's going with you :)


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