Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Do I just skip Monday posts these days?


 I promise I have not given up on posting on Mondays but the last two have just be hard to sit down and write. I was so exhausted two weeks ago and yesterday I was just in a funk. I do not know why, but I was feeling down. I cannot really explain it..I think its a combo of I had a doctors appt yesterday I was anxious about & I am getting stressed out about school & my family was here all weekend STAYING  at my apartment...all just seemed to drain me. BUT i am fine today & ready to conquer the world (haha)

I ALREADY got a work out in..I was in there by  8:30. I am trying to get myself up earlier and earlier so I can be ready to workout at 5 am when school starts...iiiiiick :( But it wasn't the best work out, I am not gonna lie to you. My legs were dying. I literally felt like they would no longer support me during the run. I dno..but i cut my cardio a little short. HOWEVER I did make up for with extra ab workouts! I am going to start trying to vary the workouts & not have it just be running everyday. I have looked up & saved some circuit workouts I am going to get in  on days I don't run. Also, gonna dust off the old elliptical and see if that helps with my ankle not hurting so much.

ANYWHOOOOS I am not going into a huge drawn out weekend recap. ---
my parents were here.
We shopped.
Looked a new apartments (i move in less than two months!!!!)
Went to Karaoke.
Made Walmart trips.

pics from the karaoke night

that was about it.

I am meeting up with the rest of the 3rd grade team to work on a few things and then I am heading out to my classroom to work some more!!! school starts TWO WEEKS FROM TOMORROW!! AHHH :)

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  1. I hope your dr appt went well! :)

  2. I'm glad you're feeling all better! :D

  3. Hope everything is okay, friend!

  4. The good thing about you doing it on Tuesday is that I read it :) Because I don't read weekend recap posts on Mondays. I just don't. Too many/don't care, but on Tuesdays, it's totally acceptable! Hope you're feeling better today!!

  5. We all have those days, no worries. You seem back to your normal self today so that is good! I have freakishly high arches so running is very hard on my ankles - the elliptical is a LIFE SAVER! Nowhere near as much pressure on your ankles as running is. Should definitely make a difference! Two weeks girl, are you ready?

  6. Glad you're feeling better and LOVING the new pic at the top of your sidebar pretty lady!


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