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 So i am popping in today with a little repeat. I will get to that later! I am SO glad it is friday!!! D took today off & we have been pretty lazy so far. We are gonna lay by the pool in a bit and then run some errands for the float WHICH IS TOMORRRRROW!!! AKA my birthday is tomorrow!!

If you didn't know yet, a bunch of are going floating this weekend! I cannot wait. So today i am sharing with you the people you will see floating on any rive in Missouri. 

*this was orginally a guest post for Stephanie, but i just had to reuse it for my post today---since I am floating tomorrow*

 Yep that is a wolf on my shirt.
* i just wanted to remind you of how classy i am....*

I reside in Missouri and if you know anything about people from Missouri, we LOVE going to the river/lake. Floating is a MUST during any summer. Last year I went three times. My birthday is right around the corner and I will be floating for the day & camping that evening. If you have never been floating some of the people you will encounter...well it might shock you.

People you will see while Floating--

The Pros- These are usually middle aged people that know what they are doing. They often bring their own canones/paddles/kayaks/life vest etc. These people usually travel in twos or fours. Mostly couples or pairs of men who are getting away to relax. Fishing is a common activity for this group. There is almost never alcohol aboard their vessels and they tend hit finish line first. Khaki fisherman hats & vests are their go to gear.

The Families- Just like it sounds, its families. Now I think the 'families' can be divided in to two sub groups. ONE- parents with the young kids aboard a large raft. Coolers full of capri suns & goldfish are abundant. Sunscreen is applied every 30 minutes and the kids often have 3-4 types of floatation devices. There is zero alcohol served here. They snark/and stink eye all who pass who have a brew in their hand. TWO-the wild families. They are not always found aboard a raft or canoe but more often on the bank lines. They pull their campers/tents right along the shore line & instead of floating they drink all day with their chairs pulled right up to the water and toes in the rocks. They get a little rowdy & their children are usually found squirting passers with water guns.

Bros- These river occupants are usually accompanied by 'drunk  girls' *see below* They are often drunk/tipsy upon entering the water. There are a lot of bro-tanks/plaid swimtrunks/backwards hats. They are often toned & buff, but not always. A case of natural light is almost a staple. They are fun & entertaing for about the first half of any float. Then about mid way through one strays from the group & to jump off a tall cliff/tree. This is usually alcohol enhanced and almost always hurts way more the next day. Most of his other bros will follow suit. The most common phrase by any bro on the river is

'HEY  YA'LL WATCH THIS....' i can guarantee you 95 percent of the time, it will not end well.

Drunk girls- Now these girls are almost accompanied by the 'bros' *see above*. They basically go hand in hand. They are usually bikini clad donning some type of cowboy hat/unbuttoned denim shorts/megga sunglasses. They tend to scream and 'WOOOOO' every 5-6 minutes. Lime-A-Ritas or some other type of similar beverage can be found in koozies among their raft.  There tends to be catcalling to other rafts especially if there are unknown 'hunky' males aboard. Flashing is not unacceptable to these ladies. You can bet your hiney that by the end of the float at least one girl is passed out/puking in the river and has to be carried back to the bus.

this is actually a picture from a Missouri River float....

There ya have it. Now you are well versed on who you might see on the river. So grab an ice cold brew, sunglasses & a life vest and meet me on the river!

Next time you see me I will be a 24 year old gal aka .5 seconds away from a semi-mid life crisis.

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have a great weekend, I know i will!!

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  1. And it was a FABULOUS post. Have a great birthday love!!!

  2. Um that wolf shirt is off the chain! HA!

  3. I wish we were floating together this weekend! Based on the three categories provided, I suppose I will fit in with category 3. But I don't like limearitas so it will be regular, normal beer. And no cat calling. And NO flashing. Ok so I don't fit in at all apparently.

    HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY GIRL! Hope it's amazing!

  4. I'm a drunk pro. Is that possible? To be two of these? Yes?

  5. HAHA. AMEN. I love it. It's true to the T.

  6. Happy Birthday, friend! Enjoy your birthday weekend!

  7. I hope you have a great birthday!!

  8. Have a blast floating on your birthday!! :)♥

  9. Happy birthday and have fun!

  10. Happy Birthday Eve hun! :)

    Looks like a fabulous way to spend your b-day, can't wait to hear all about it.

  11. That looks so fun! Have a great Birthday.


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