Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Random Wednesday

Hey Dolls!

I am getting ready to head out to school to work...all day haha :) Then I get to go grocery shopping. Being an adult sucks. There I said it.

First off let's get some business outta the way. I am looking for Guest Posters for next week! I have new teacher meetings etc all next week from 7:30-4 EVERYDAY so i am gonna be pretty pooped with that plus working in my classroom, so instead of giving lack luster posts or *gasp* taking a week off, i'd love to promote some of my beautiful readers!! Just email me --- if you are interested. It can really be on anything you'd like! Lemme know!!!

My apartment is a disaster. Someone come clean it for me. Dishes..clothes..just crap everywhere. BUT since I am going to the grocery store i PROMISED  D i would make din din tonight. I must be productive.

I will be getting a mac book!!! Yep, every teacher gets one! I am SO SO SO stoked! Its going to take me forever to learn how to use, but I have never had a lap top (yep still rockin a desk top) & now i get a macbook! Granted its only for school, but i know bloggers works on there :)

I am behind on all the housewives...eff. I am a bad fan. I need to get up to date stat. Don't even get me started on Princess...

&& to end this random post here are few things i wore last week/weekend

 The first night my parents were in town we went to a little bar & grill

What I wore to the dinner with teacher I student taught with
uhhh a sweet two dolla tee shirt D picked up for me when he went to the thrift store.
he is pretty Swell.

That's all I got for ya.
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  1. OMG Ashley from dramatic! HEEEEELP ME! haha

  2. Cute outfits!! I'm excited for when you start posting about teaching.

  3. a) that hangover shirt is amazing!
    b) so awesome you get a mac book, slightly jealous!

    Yay for new teaching adventures!

  4. cute outfits!

    princesses cracks me up. those girls, ayi. lol.

    ps - totally would guest post!

  5. Love the floral shirt! I'm behind on housewives too! Did you hear about the trouble Teresa and Joe are in? They could go to jail for a long ass time! Should be interesting. Good luck cooking tonight!

  6. That hangover shirt is awesome. Definitely a solid thrifting find!

  7. First off, I facebooked you. Second off, I want your shoes. All of them. I'm about to cave and buy some really cute nude little wedges from the BX. I love that the Air Force has name brands for cheap (and no tax!) within walking distance from our house. It's dangerous ;)

  8. Girlfriend you know I'm down to guest post!! ;)

  9. I've seriously been playing around with getting a teaching cert. Can't wait to see how your first year goes!


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