Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What I Wore {link up}

Happy Hump Day!! 
This week is flying by! Last night D took me out for date night.
it was so nice :) #luckygirl

today i am working on that purchase order & hopefully finishing it!
It is kinda stressful deciding what i want/need.

Anywhooooos TODAY I am linking up
with the lovely Tori for her first ever linkup 'what i wore Wednesday'
Now i do kinda suck at this link up today
because i really haven't taken an OOTD & i am still
currently always in yoga pants.
SOOO my own twist on it is this--

'things i am DYING to have in my wardrobe.' Wednesday

some of this stuff i know i couldn't pull off coughTULLESKIRTcough
but i am loving it all.

Happy Wednesday!!

also linking up with Michelle

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  1. Seriously I love all of this! We should share a closet. A virtual closet that sends us what we want and everything looks beautiful on us. Yes.

  2. This stuff is ADORABLE! You'd look great in all of it.

  3. all of those outfits are super cute!

  4. Love all of these outfits! You could totally rock all of them!! Thanks for linking up today!!

  5. #1 for fun and #4 for the office are my faves! This makes me want to go shopping. Uh oh. Must. Resist. Oooo, date night? Love mid-week date nights!

  6. I love a tulle skirt too. Probably wouldn't have the nerve to wear one but I love them nonetheless!
    Stopping by from OHP linkup.

    Adventures of a Semper Fi Family

  7. that second outfit would be perfect for a music fest!


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