Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Staples {final installment}

Welp it's tuesday...only four days til KC!!!!

Yesterday I FINALLY laid poolside! The pool was open & lindsey
and I took full advantage of it! It
was so relaxing. I will be laying poolside again today
after my work out! I cannot wait.

So today I am bringing you the final installment of
my summer staples series.

Check out the other parts here--
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The last part of the Summer Staples is my
Summer Bucket List--

*float trips
*pool time
*working in my classroom
*family reunion
*Taking D back to the STL
*Finish Mad Men seasons
*Start Weeds on Netflix
*Read many many books
*get my hair cut
*Try 10 new recipes
* make summer brew
*go to the lake
*country concerts
*swinging on the swings


What is on your summer bucket list?

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  1. YAYYYY for the pool finally opening! :)

    And I've never heard of float trips, but they sound like my kinda party.

  2. So happy the pool was finally open! Have you not seen Weeds yet? !!! SO good!


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