Wednesday, June 26, 2013

No just NO

Goood Morning!
So yeah...i am trying something new...
left sided text---we shall see how much i like it.

So i have just been working on things for my classroom today. I cannot wait to show you all the things I have been working on. I also CLEEEEARED out target today. Why does money burn a hole in my pocket??

However today I am bringing you some things that we all should just SAY NO to. These are things that are WRONG and people need to stop doing STAT!

{1}Toe socks. They creep me out & my little piggies are shuttering
just thinking about it. I hate those toe separators that you are suppose to use when painting your toes & enclosed toe separators in the form of toe sock..angers me.

{2}Sneezing & then wiping it on your pants/shirt/whatever. We ALL have done it. It happens, but its EFFING SICK!!!! I know it can't be avoided sometimes, but just think about it. You are wiping snot on you clothing. Your own snot & clothing albeit, but snot being wiped on your clothing. Vom.

{3}White sunglasses. if you wear them, you are doucher. end of story.

{4}Smoking while eating. Now don't get all ansy because I am not all 'i hate smokers' i personally do not smoke, but i have family members who do & my ex did. BUT smoking while you are eating is freakin sick. Why would you want to ruin a perfectly good meal with a cig?

{5}Wearing JUST a sports bra to the gym. Yeah we get it you are toned & sexy. You can wear a tank top. you are doing it for attention, not because you are sweaty. Cover up hoe.

{6}Knocking over my drink at a bar and NOT offering to buy me a new one. RUDE. If you make me spill my drink at least OFFER to buy me one. Most likely i will say "no its no big deal" Wanna know what is a big deal NOT offering!!!!

{7}Lip liner darker than your lip stick. WHYYY? Do you even realize i effing stupid you look?
because i do. & you looks scary, and trashing and like an idiot. Stop it.

what are somethings that you just SAY NO to??

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  1. Haha these are all funny..and I feel the same way about them! I can't wait to see your classroom!

  2. people who cut their nails in public! yuck!

  3. I do NOT understand why people smoke when they are eating because it does ruin the meal. Ugh!

  4. Know what's even worse...wearing a sports bra while DROPPING YOUR KID OFF AT DAYCARE! Yes, it happened. Yes, the mom was crazy. Yes, it was over 5 years ago. Yes, I'm still scarred!

  5. That last one use to be popular in the 90s. Is it coming back or something? Gross.

  6. thank you so much for hating white sunglasses as much as i do. thank you!

  7. Hahaha yep! All true! I hate toe socks, they're awful and creepy and toes are creepy.
    I probably have white sunglasses. Not that they aren't douchey, but I do probably own them. I'm ok with it. In fact, I'm going to go home and find them just for you...

  8. Haha preach it! I agree with Jennifer's comment! Why are these atrocious "fad's" coming back? I mean, I don't think floral capris look that great unless you are a size 0....which is not most girls. I agree, stick with 1 color and make it look natural. Nobody wants to see that. Nobody.

    Cover up, exactly. And runners... I see so many running with JUST a sports bra trying to hold their jiggly cleavage. I'm like, seriously? Put on a shirt, just because you are working out doesn't mean you get a free pass to be skanky.


  9. Insert obnoxious laughter here. Yes x 6. (I guess I should really say no x 6.) I enjoy toe socks during the winter but everything else is spot on. I say hell no to people who smack their food. Like, I get it happens occasionally by accident, but if you smack throughout your meal - I can't eat with you. It's distracting and makes me lose my appetite!

  10. Oh my gosh... One time when I had absolutely no desire to go out, I did anyway. Within 15 minutes of being at the bar, someone backed into me and caused me to spill my drink. A few minutes later, someone dropped a drink and the glass broke and CUT MY FOOT. The jackass didn't even apologize.

  11. LOL at white sunglasses wears being a giant doucher.. nailed it on the head!

    I always want to run up and cover those skanks that wear just a sports bra at the gym. Seriously, we don't need to see it and they don't genuinely want the skeevy attention they're going to get from it. Yick..


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