Thursday, June 13, 2013

I do things well

How is it already Thursday???
This week literally FLEW by! 
& i leave tomorrow for KC! AHHH I cannot wait!
My friend Alex & i are riding together and she gets in to town at about noon
tomorrow then off we go! EEEKS!
two days till Kenny Chesney & Eric Church!!

I am sitting here eating breakfast trying to get motivated to hit
the death treadmill
 egg whites, yellow bell pepper, & spinach. Watermelon & OJ

Yesterday was lovely! Linds came over & we laid by the pool. 
It was pretty toasty but i am slowly but surely getting
some color! && I haven't burned yet! *knock on wood*
We also got some Sonic Happy Hour


So anyway we all know I am a big weirdo. I do weird
shit & I am fully aware of it. However I do believe I have some good 
qualities & that I can do some things well.

*I am a good cook. I love trying new recipes & many things that i try
turn out pretty good.

*I can actually paint my nails well. Even though I am right handed I have gotten way better
at painting with my left hand.

*I am pretty selfless. If someone needs something, i am there. I have a 
huge conscious and I feel guilty over things easily & i end up putting
people before myself a lot.

*I make people laugh. Granted it's usually at me, but i still can make people laugh.

*I am fabulous planner. I have OCD & I make lists about everything. I usually
go above and beyond on small things, but I am always the 
person people turn to make plans & get things set up.

*I can tease hair LIKE NOBODY'S bizzzznass!

*I fold towels the correct way....perfectly :)

 Now on to my 30 in 30 challenge. I do wish I was a little further 
than I am but I am still trucking along & I am going to try
and get a work out in before we leave tomorrow 
since I will have NONE this weekend.

Adventures of Manda and Mr Howie

Week One: 4.14miles
Week Two: 6.22miles

Total- 10.36 miles
Miles Left- 19.64 miles
one day til friiiiday :)

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  1. You're doing awesome! Love the pink top in your ootd. Kinda jealous you're going to see Kenny! I haven't seen him in concert in over a decade. Geez I feel old. lol

  2. Good luck with your 30 in 30 challenge! Gosh I would love to go to that concert...have fun!

  3. Haha I love it! Folding towels and being OCD is an art, man. More people should appreciate it!

  4. You go girl on the 30 in 30!!! Awesome. I love your outfit and I'm jealous about Sonic. Havent done happy hour but we got food there probably 3 times while down in Louisiana last week, soo good. I wish they had one close by. I've never seen Kenny in concert to be honest. My fiance is dying to though! I'm proud of my OCDness and my towel folding skills too!

  5. Love your pink(or coral?) shirt! Perfect for summer. Hope you have a blast this weekend! And seriously, the way we fold towels is beautiful. Why wouldn't you do them that way??? Keep it up with the challenge girl, you're doing great!!

  6. I fold towels the correct way, too :) And I am very selfless, unfortunately it gets me hurt a lot.


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