Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fourth of July & Miles {Link-Ups}

Hello lovlies!
 I intend to march my booty over to the pool
*praying it is open*
and layout. Well that is the plan anyway!
Tonight D & I are going to the Springfield Cardinals, the minor league baseball team
 in the STL Cards organization, that is based in Springfield!
Every Thursday is 'buck-a-brat-night' aka bratwursts are only a dolllla.
well I am not much a brat fan, but we all know mama loves a deal.
plus tickets are only nine buckaroos!
count us in!!

I am pretty excited!

So today i am linking with two fabulous link ups
the first for the gorgeous Stephanie & Chelsee
'party don't start til i walk in'
this week I am sharing with you fourth of july party ideas!!
I know it is a bit of a way off...BUT it's always good to get started!!

the second link up i am doing is the
30 in 30 challenge.
now you are probs thinking...UHHH bitch you have started this challenge
like 23515613 times and never finished.
& you'd be right! BUT hey i am get back up & trying again!!

Adventures of Manda and Mr Howie

1st week- 4.14 miles
300 regular crunches
100 lower ab raises

TOTAL- 4.14miles

I have also been going through my fitness board
and I tried these workouts from there this week-

OOOH && I made a smoothie in my new blender yesterday!

ice, orange juice, a banana, strawberries & a handful of
spinach.---being healthy :)
*it tasted okay, not too bad, BUT it was the most disgusting brown color*

Happy Thursday :)

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  1. I love your Fourth of July ideas! You're doing great and I know you'll finish strong this time. Those extra workouts are more than I'm doing! I need to get on that. I love your pink blender! I need to start making my own smoothies. My smoothie obsession is hurting my wallet!

  2. These ideas are super cute! Thanks for linking up:)

  3. omg the little cakes are so cute!! I love the 4th, I'm already excited for it.

  4. Was the pool open? *fingers crossed*

    Have fun at the game tonight, jealous! I'm a huge baseball fan, but prefer going to the games than watching them on tv. And you can't beat the prices for minor league games.. tickets and concessions are super cheap compared to the majors.

  5. Eeeek I hope your pool is open! I'm super excited for the 4th. I love America and let's be real, I love any reason to celebrate aka party. You're doing great, just keep it up girl! You CAN finish, just take it day by day!


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