Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hello Friends :)
How is your tuesday going??
Mine has been fabulous! I went to the school I will be teaching
at next year and filled out my purchase order for things in my classroom!
I got to see my classroom! It is fabulous & i am so excited to start working on it!
Unfortunately i probably won't be able to get in until
the end of july because they are stripping the floors...
BUT it's so exciting! I just cannot stand it.
two thumbs up!!!

It rained all day yesterday :/
I did clean my apartment aka vacuumed & mopped the floors.
I got a great run in. I ran 10 minutes longer than normal and
upped my cool down sections up to 3.9 instead of 3.4/3.5
I am feeling stronger. I still have a long road ahead but
still it feels great to be improving.

however i did feel like this afterward

I also went to see lindsey's house & we did more unpacking
and unloading. It is really looking like house now!
D and a few friends came over to put together
furniture & we got dinner.

anyways today i am sharing some of my currents--


{Feeling:} Blessed. I have some amazing friends & an amazing boy
who care a lot about me.

{Watching:} EVERYTHING on bravo. I am addicted to my housewives
and most recently Princess: Long Island

{Loving:} that i am not hating running as much as i used to..
well i don't today any way

{Eating:} watermelon, & tons of it. I am obsessed.

{Drinking:} sweet tea, obsessed...as per usual.

{Wanting:} a britta pitcher, the water in springfield sucks.

{Reading:}Beachglass still, but i am not sure about it. I am still
having a hard time getting in to...

{Listening to:} all country music. But more specifically


{wearing:} a lot of razor backs shirts, i neeeed more!
I am really digging them lately

{looking forward to:}TIM MCGRAW NEXT WEEEKEND!!
yep, i am going to ANOTHER concert next sunday.
Brantley Gilbert and Love & Theft are opening up for 
Mr. McGraw! eeeks :)

what are you currently doing?


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  1. Congrats on the job! That is so exciting...I know you are so ready for them to finish the floors so you can get in. I can't believe you are going to another show, lucky girl!!!

  2. Currently preparing for tomorrows What I Wore Wednesday!! Hope you can join the link up on my blog!!!

  3. That's awesome that you got to see your classroom. I'm currently working on getting better. I still don't understand anything and that's the hardest part...but today...in this moment...I'm good.

  4. Love this Sheryl Crow song! And honestly I must admit that I have been watching the Princesses...not sure how I feel about it yet but I am still watching.

  5. I am currently slaving away wishing I was at home, in my bikini, by the pool where I belong! I have heard zilch about this Princesses show... I'll have to check it out! YAY for adding TEN minutes to your original workout. Ten minutes can feel like forfreakingever when you're running so that's awesome. KEEP IT UP!

  6. Sounds like things are just going amazing for you little lady!

  7. Hi Sarah! So glad to find another Sarah that's spelled 'correctly'. he he. :) I've run for 5 years and still hate it.... I just do it cause it's the only thing that works for me! Love the blog!

    The June giveaway for a pair of PowerSox begins in 2 days! Our Journey

  8. Yay for your job! Life can be good!

    I love racer back tanks too. They're soooo comfortable.

  9. oh my goodness...redneck crazy! THE BEST! :)

    seriously girl...stop being so far away!

    also, congrats on seeing your classroom! isn't it exciting?!? :) :) :)

  10. love your blog found you on the what I wore wednesday link up!

  11. So glad you got to see your classroom! Can't wait to see what you have planned!


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