Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bragging Rights

Happy Tuesday lovers!
I am loving the weather today--it's gorgeous.
I would go lay by my pool...BUT WAIT, its not effing open yet!
yeah that is right my apartment has not opened the pool yet...so annoying.
I called the office & they said hopefully it will be open
in a few days...needless today I wasn't happy
get the shit together...

I did hit the gym & got in a good run. I am actually about to head over
to the gym here in a few.
*after gettin' my run on*

oh ya know just enjoying my watermelon.
from that huge one i cut up on sunday, i have three zip lock bags
& two Tupperware containers filled!
I made a really healthy lunch...minus a little cheese.
chicken & spinach over whole wheat pasta with cherry tomatoes
and green onions
yummmm :)

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now that my shameless plugs are out of the way--
i wanted to brag on some of my ladies!
I have had the opportunity to 'meet' some fabulous ladies
through blogging and some of them are just so dang great
that i wanted to share them with you.

without further ado-

she is totally adorable and one of the sweetest girls in blog world! 
she is a teacher just like me and her blog is one of
my must reads! She is down to earth
& shares the ups and he downs which makes me relate to
her so much more!

this babe is one of my all time faves! She was part of my first blate
and is an amazing girl! She is momma to two of the cutest kids
out there. She is sassy & loves a marg...just like
another girl i know. *coughMEcough*

I have just recently met this lady and she is great! She is strong woman
who has the best fitness tips/stories/motivation! She always
 has the sweetest things to say and i love reading her blog!

get your hineys over & check them out!
They are fabulous and you need to be following them!!


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  1. Hey girl! I feel your pain about the not being outside when it is pretty..same situation here. BTW check out my new linkup today..first one that links up gets a prize!! http://www.southernbeautyguide.com/2013/06/new-blog-hop-bachelor-pick-of-week.html

    have a great day:)

  2. awwww - thank you!!

    another blate pronto. but this time outside and with margs! BOOM!

  3. June, and the pool is closed? Blasphemy!

  4. That majorly sucks about the pool. I grew up in Connecticut so we only had about 3 months of pool weather and I remember one year the pool at my apartment opened late and then in the middle of the summer the pump broke so the pool was closed for a few weeks. Needless to say this summer lovin' girl was NOT happy :-P

    Hope it opens soon!

  5. that lunch looks amaze balls and i LOVE CASSIE!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sarah! STAHP IT. I am so flattered right now. Thank you so much for the love! So glad I met you via blogland! Hope your pool opens soon, what is summer with no pool time???

  7. oh my goodness girl! I need to stay on top of things! you are so sweet!

    THANK YOU! You are the best!!! :) I wish we could be laying outside in this not so summer weather....bah.

    Work Day for me today! ALMOST THERE!!!!!! :) bah.


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