Thursday, May 23, 2013

What have I been wearing??

SORRRRY this is so late.

* my computer was all messed up today & I couldn't log on.
thus LATE POST*  

THANK GOD it is thursday!
Today we had field day at school
aka our morning was spent outside playing games
then then in the afternoon the kiddos were in the cafeteria watching movies
and we are doing stuff in the classrooms.
Also My kids got popsicles today after the movies..i was SUPER excited!

Last night Dave and I went to dinner. One of my super amazing teachers
i am working with during this subbing gave me an applebeesn giftcard
so I treated D out to dinner :)


We made finished treat bags for my kiddos last day AND then watched more mad men!
I cannot get enough.
 D literally had to turn it off & make me go to bed last night.

OOKAY on to today...

Well we all know  a fashion blogger I am not!
But here are few things I have been throwing together..
ya know outside of yoga pants.
which BTW i get to wear to work today because it's Field Day.
Life has really come full circle...Stretchy Pants to work?

I wore this one ngiht when D & I went to dinner to
a casual Chinese place.

Just running errands around town.

Working girrrrl.
More work.

This was from our fancy date night last week :)


I NEEEEED to do some shopping.
I say that, but have at least three tops with tags still on them..
But i know target has some cute stuff i need to see & own!

Happy Thursday!!
ONEEEEE day til a 3 day weekend! We can do it!


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  1. Oh how I miss field day. It was always so much fun. I love all your outfits, you may not be a fashion blogger but let me just say, you could be!!! Will you do my shopping for me lol? and Target, oh my gosh!!! I love all their clothes. I'll be honest I just started shopping for clothes at Target. I was always a Kohls girl, and I still am but target it my new fav. No wonder why I cant fit everything in my closets. I'm like you though, I have some outfits still with tags but then go buy more. I love the tattoo on your ankle also :)

  2. Target definitely has cute stuff right now! They've been so hit and miss the past few years... I got a blue & white polka dotted pencil skirt for $16 on sale! WHOOP WHOOP! Perfect for teaching, Memorial Day weekend, and The Fourth of July :)

    I'm loving all of your bracelets, btw. Big chunky bracelets and layered smaller ones have been a staple for me, lately.

  3. Nah, I prefer you in yoga pants.

    j/k! (not really....) I love the dress and the lace/flower whatever pink top that ties at the bottom. Cute!

  4. Girllll you are soo dang cute!!! B just bought me two new dresses that I'm anxiously awaiting for them to arrive in the mail!! :)

  5. There is always a reason to go check out Target! :) Love your fancy date night outfit, especially the shoes! Hope you have a great weekend!


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