Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans!

phew that was a fabulous 3-day weekend!
It was relaxing & productive all at the same time! 
Just how i like it.

new blog design? What do we think?? The fab Steph put this together for me!
Simple & Sassy, just the way I wanted it!! Thank you so much princess! 
You are the best!!

alrighty onto the shenanigans that was my weekend!

Friday after work I came home & passed out for FOUR HOURS!!
yeah that is right! 
I laid down to watch my daily obsession
that is 'Cops' & next thing I know I am waking
up to a text from D at 9 PEE-EM!
wtf is wrong with me? 
Well after getting Jimmy Johns & waiting for D
to come over we watched the Cards game. They wooped up on those Dodgers...
 7 to ZIP! 

Saturday we were up & at 'em early! We ran a few errands D needed
to do & then headed to Barnes & Noble where I picked up a few children's books.
I am obsessed with their children's section. I need
more monies to buy all the books I want. Then we went to our
favorite restaurant in town. It is so great & mmmm everything
is so good that i can never decide what to get!

gorgeous sky, unedited

We ended up at Hobby Lobby
where I picked up paints for a DIY project I am making for my sister
& a few other things for my place. Then a lot of napping was had.

Saturday evening Lindsey came to town & we went to 
our fave karaoke bar...of course, whats new?

 Dave & I

Linds & I

I love this one :)

Sunday was LAZY! D & I watched Mad Men (duh...)
then he went to his parent's house &  I cam back to my place and was a total bum.
What is with me & sundays? I am SOOOO lazy!!

I did start on the DIY for my sister and cleaned my kitchen.
so i did feel a wee bit productive.

Monday I cleaned the apartment!! I deep cleaned my shower
& bathroom floor..SICK! I freaking hate cleaning my bathroom
which is probably why it gets so icky.
I finished up the gifts for the teachers I have worked with
during the subbing & watched RHOC.
I made BBQ chicken, smashed potatoes & corn on the cob
for D & I for din.

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How was your three-day weekend??

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  1. Your GIF's are just too funny---where do you find all of them?

    and, it sounds like we had a similar Sunday/Monday! We did have a few outings, but I was super lazy Sunday (like, napped 3 hours lazy) and then cleaned Monday night, too. Whoo for long weekends! haha

  2. Me likey the new look. I wish my weekend was more relaxing because I am super sleepy today! Blah. So glad it's only a 4 day week! Glad you had a good long weekend!

  3. I like the new look, very nice! I'm totally lazy on sundays too, even with the 3 day weekend. I can't help myself!

  4. What is it about the bathroom that makes it the worst room to clean?? And was RHOC new last night? My frickin' DVR didn't record it! :(

  5. Loooove the new look!! And love long weekends... They are the best because you don't feel so bad about bumming around!


  6. Love the new look gurlie :)

    I was a total bum on Sunday as well and enjoyed every second of it!

  7. New design is cute!! I like it :)

    I also like a good karaoke bar even though I can probably clear the place with my version of Kerosene by Miranda Lambert.


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