Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Lovlies!!

eleven and half days til summer vacay!!
please speeeed up.

So how was your weekend?
Mine was pretty good. I am of course sad it is over. The weather was gorgeous
and it is going to be beautiful today. I wish I wasn't going to be stuck inside all day.

alrighty enough whining.
onto the recap..

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Friday  Well it was the last day of teacher appreciation week
so we got pancakes provided by the principal. They were delicious!

Then after work I had to run a few errands & I ended up over at
D's. He took me to get Chinese & then we watched movies & TV
all night..i fell asleep before ten. WHO AM I??
such a grandma.

Saturday we woke up early and got movin! D & I went to the park
and swung on the swings. The weather was gorgeous. We went to a little
farmer's market & the he had to get a few presents for his momma
for Mother's Day!
Lindsey got to town & we played for a little
by played i mean we fell asleep in my living room watching Roseanne..

 what a creeper, taking pictures of me while i am sleeping..
 Anyway, we got our lives together & got ready to go the karaoke bar. 
We had a pot luck dinner at our friend Cassie's house. She is such a fab cook and is really healthy. 
She made grilled chicken, stir fry veggies, & twice baked sweet potatoes.
 It was wonderful.

 Linds & I giving a standing ovation for the cooking.
it was time to leave...

Then off to the karaoke bar we went.
drinks were drunk, dances were danced.
D just shakes his head at me these days...haha :)

Sunday was WAY LAZY. Literally I watched Mrs. Doubtfire, Cops & did dishes.
 Oh and i napped.
that was it.

what a bum.

I wish I could have been in St. Charles to see my mom
for mother's day, but alas I was stuck in Springfield.

Well that was the excitement of my weekend!!
how was yours??

PS The winner has been chosen for the giveaway! I will be announcing it later
this week & i check entries :)


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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend!!! :) I am really craving me some Chinese!


  2. looks like a fantastic weekend! PS I love Rosanne LOL

  3. What a great weekend! I didn't get to see my mama either. :( Growing up stinks sometimes!

  4. My weekend was great, sounds like yours was fun! You can never go wrong with dancing and drinks!

  5. Ooo free pancakes, win. I napped and watched movies all weekend, so I totally support your sunday!!

  6. I say the weekend isn't complete without a good nap!

  7. Those pancakes looks delicious!! Looks like a good weekend ;-)

  8. Yummy pancakes! I'm getting hungry now! :)


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