Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Amish & Party Hardy!

Tomorrow is FRIIIIIDAY :)
So how is everyone doing??
i know i need a drink.
yeah, it is barely 8 am, but hey..girlfriend needs some wine.

the weathe yesterday was GORGEOUS!! I had the windows open all day
at school and it was just incredible.
Man friend & I had dinner. He made breakfast including
homemade fried potatoes
(TOTALLY NOT ON MY GET SKINNAY PLAN--but i ate reeeeally good all day so i could indulge a bit!)

We had the windows open & read on the couch. It was so peaceful.
I know i sound so NERDY, but i haven't had a chance to just sit & read for a long while.
okay before i hit my link up with two of my faves

I wanted to share a few things with you...

i get many sweet comments each day and a lot of times
they are from no-reply bloggers.
If you comment & i haven't emailed you a response
*i always respond to all comments*
If you are no-reply blogger this means when you comment on a blog & the author
gets your comment (via email) they cannot respond because your email
is not listed.
It is easy peasy to fix.
This chick gives step by step with screenshots...
check her out & fix it!
I wanna be able to chat with you!

can i please share with you how excited i am that Breaking Amish
is coming back for a second season. yeah i don't care if you judge me
or think it's fake, i am addicted like a meth head is to...well meth.

also, Honey Boo season two, where the eff are you???

 on to the party babes
this week while i wanted to show you my craaaaazy party pictures from college...
i figured since i am not a teacher i should probs refrain. Especially because they are mostly
THUS as my contribution to this link up I am
sharing some of my fave things to wear on a night out!
here are a few things---


Party-casual by sar789 featuring super stretch jeans

So this would be a casual look I would wear out on just
a normal night to bar. If we were just going to sit at my fave
pub or the piano bar!

PARTY WEAR-dressy by sar789 featuring a bustier dress

This would be something I would wear out on a dressier occasion
or to something like new years etc 

what do ya think??

mmmkay I should probably get back to the kiddos!
have a fab thursday beauties!!  

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  1. I will join you in that wine department!!! I definitely need a drink! Love the dressy! It's super sexy, casual is fabulous too! Great style babeee ♥

  2. I love that cheveron dress. You must get it!

  3. Ooo I love all the outfits! I usually go more casual, but I like to dress up on occasion. I'm so excited for Breaking Amish too!!

  4. Include me in on this wine-fest!

    P.S. Can I tell you how much I'm loving that man-friend is amazing to you, I mean who doesn't love fried potatoes! :)


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