Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer Staples {part two}

Morning Babes!!

sorry for being MIA yesterday!
i am trying to get everything ready for the last week
of school & had no real time to get a post together.
PLUS my weekend was pretty quiet
well.. D & I ate a lot of good food and started
Mad Men on netflix...i am obsessed.  
we napped a lot...so not a whole lot to share..

So today I bring you another part of my
'summer staples' series. In case you missed the first part
check it out here.
It was all about summer staples in fashion.

Today I bring you my summer staples on Health & Wellness.
Now I am no doctor or anything but these are few things
that are important to staying healthy & well throughout
the summer months.

we are all gonna be outside a lot & if your weather is anything like
Missouri's it is gonna be hotter than hell. DRINK UP!!
Stay hydrated! I don't want any of my pretty bloggy friends
passing out from heat exhaustion.
PS don't forget about the fur babes either. Dogs/cats etc need extra water
in the scorching heat too!

& hey now you have a reason to get that Tervis/camelbak you have been eyeing.

sunscreen. I love the spray on kind. They absorb quickly & you won't
have to worry about greasy hands.
Yes we all wanna be bronze goddesses and layout for
hours by the pool/lake/beach so throw on the sunscreen.
a little SPF never hurt anyone.

chapstick. EOS, duh :) but really any good chapstick is great!
We are lathering up sunscreen, DONT forget about your lips
The sun can easily dry out your lips (mine get super dry)
 especially when you are spending hours
out in the sun!

 hair ties. I pretty much always keep a hair tie on my wrist
but especially during those summer months. You dont want to be somewhere
& be all sweaty with your hair stuck to your neck.
GROSS! keep hair ties/bobby pins handy
so you can put your hair up quick!

 D-O FOR YOUR B-O! haha
personally i feel like body odor is the worst smell out there..and we all get it.
well i know i do...
 & the last thing you want to do is offend someone with nasty B.O.
I really like Secret Gels. They go on clear &
 i feel like it lasts all day!

A RAZOR! now i effing hate saving my legs  as much as the
next girl but with shorts & skirt weather upon us
i guess we are just gonna have to grin & bear the fact
that we gotta shave our legs.
Don't for get your pits ;)

how do you stay healthy & well during the summer??
Happy tuesday lovlies!
Catch ya later alligator.

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  1. I hateeee shaving! I can't survive without ChapStick. And I could have used some sunscreen at the ballgame Sunday! haha.

  2. Hahaha, I love that e-card. That is so true!

  3. EOS lip balm is my fave! I think I'm addicted to it!

  4. Perfect! I really have been eyeing this one tervis... maybe it's time to pull the trigger :)

  5. Water is super important! It's amazing how much it can cool down your body in the heat, and YES everyone practice safe sun please! Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S. scary!! Great tips gurlie :)

  6. meh.
    I hate shaving with a passion.

    stupid hairy legs and armpits. If I had endless amounts of money I would get laser hair removal FOR SURE!!!

    :) Happy Last Week of School :) so exciting!!
    I have roughly 2 weeks left (not that I am counting or anything)

  7. All so very true.

    Especially the e-card!

  8. Gotta love summer!!! And that comic is hilarious!!

  9. I always force myself to chug water. I've passed out a few times. Always fun.. not!


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