Thursday, May 30, 2013

summer staples {part three}

Life is grand. My first day off from school is amazing.
I already got a work out in & i am going to be pool side
as soon as i run to the library for some more reading material...

an good suggestions for books to read this summer?

So today I am bringing you the part 3 of my Summer Staples
series. You can find the first two parts here and here.
Today I am gonna tell you about my
Summer Staple cuisine!
We all know girlfran loves to eat..and summer cooking is one of my favorites!

BBQ- duh. I feel like all i do is talk about BBQs these days. I cannot help it!
Hamburgers, hotdogs, BBQ chicken. YUMO!
I love it all. I just love the way the grill makes it taste.
I cannot get enough.

shish-kabobs. These kinda go along with grillings since you most likely
are making them on the grill.  I love how you can make them
your own & basically put whatever you want on them.
I find pre-made marinades and put my meat
in them the night before then skewer on
my ingredients right before they go on the grill.

My fave skewer ingredients are---
pineapple, chicken, steak, onion, pear, asparagus, & zucchini

sangria. UH YEAH. This is SOOOO needed.
I love buying sangria or making it myself..
either way momma is happy.
put a cute straw or an umbrella in my glass?
even better.

Salads. Now during the summer time I don't always want a heavy
meal. Especially if i have to be in a swimsuit at any point.
So salads are a great way for lighter meal that will also fill me up.
I love trying new stuff in my salads. I love romaine lettuce
and spinach leaves as the base of most of my salads.
 Lately I have been including
sunflower seeds, cranberries, chickpeas, boiled egg & crab meat in my salads.

watermelon. mmmmm :) I love me some watermelon. I literally could probably
eat a whole one in just a few days..all to myself.
Watermelon just reminds me of summer time & I always seem to crave
it when it gets hotter.

There ya have it. My summer food staples.
What do you love to eat during the summer months??

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  1. Watermelon! Yes! My absolute fave. :) Never thought of putting pear on a kabob before. Good idea!

  2. And now I'm hungry! BBQ sounds so good right now

  3. yum. BBQs and fruit! That is definitely what I live off of in the summertime!!!

    you aren't making this being in school thing for another week any easier little lady!

  4. My sangria is marinating in the fridge right now, yum

  5. Watermelon is my FAV! And ummmm yes please to the sangria!

  6. Watermelon is my favorite!
    Love love love it!
    BBQs are always amazing!

  7. I love grilling! I love to make Kabobs on the grill. Our last day of school is the middle of June...I'm dying here. I cannot wait to have a day off.

  8. Now I am hungry and want some good food! :)


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