Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Summer Staples {part one}


With summer right around the corner I wanted to do a little series
on what i consider summer staples. I do not know how many
parts there will be, i will just post
whatever floats my boat.

 Today I am sharing what i think are summer staples
for clothing.

Summer Must Haves

SHORTS! DUHHH! Missouri it is hot. It gets scorching
and let's not even start on the humidity. Shorts are a must.
do i love my legs? not as much as i want to..i know a lotta girls
feel that way, you just need to find the right length/cut of short for your bod type.
I think a nice pair of dark denim and a
pair of colored shorts are must!! Denim goes with everything
and the colored ones will sass it up :)

Summer dresses. We all need them. They can be casual OR dressy depending on
the accessories. These are a great way to stay cool and not wear button pants
(we all know how much i hate that shit)
I love solid colors for versatility & funky prints...well to be sassy :)

the maxi dress. honestly i am starting to love maxis more & more. They are fab to teach in
but also if say...you didnt' shave your legs that day
you can throw on a  maxi & go.

SHOES..i picked three kinds. the regular rubber flippy floppies.
As in 2 FOR 5 dollas at old navy.
They are casual, comfortable and great for summer. Then I picked a little
more fancy (aka more shiz on them) sandals. These can dress up
any outfit. Lastly, i picked wedges! These are great casual
and dressed up & i think always look better
in the summer than a stiletto.

Skirts!! I picked a high/low because I am digging them currently. But any flowy skirt
will do. I think they look great on all body types & will
keep you cool.
also they are great for dressed up or casual. Noticed that trend?
I love double-duty wear!

Purse. Carrying all those summer essentials like water
cash, sunscreen, etc is important & you need a bag to do the job!
 I like a light colored bag for summer. They look
less  heavy & will go with more of your summer colors in the
rest of your outfits

Sunglasses. Self explanitory. Sunny summer days
NEED sunglasses! I love aviators.

the tank top. I chose a razor back made out of a t-shirt
material. Tank tops are the best way to stay cool
& there are 178452654 differnt cuts/styles/colors/fabrics
out there that can be paired with shorts, skirts, & jeans.
just pick one (or 50)

There ya have it lovlies!

what are your summer wardrobe staples??

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  1. #2 that dress is adorable! Yes to summer dresses, cute flip flops & wedges and sunnies!

  2. Ahhh I LOVE all of these clothes. Let's go shopping! haha

  3. I am LOVING the high low hem this year! I have a couple and they are so fun and cute. Down in Texas, shorts are a MUST!

  4. Love the colored shorts and maxi dress!

  5. I really love that tank! I've been wanting to go shopping for WEEKS and this just makes me want to even more!


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