Wednesday, May 8, 2013


HELLO friends!
WELP we made it to Wednesday
it is suppose to rain today...and for the next three?
only two days til the freeeeakin weekend.
i tell ya i have a countdown everyday...
i live for the weekends!
speaking of countdowns, i only have 14.5 days
left of school (counting today)
you read the right folks, this betch does NOT have to work this summer.
I thought i was gonna have to get a part time job until i start teaching next fall, BUT NOPE
i check out my finances and the checks i will be getting for this long term subbing
over the past month & a half will cover me until august.
granted i will have to be frugal and be conscious of my spending
BUTTTT i do not have to work all summer.
days by the pool, sleeping in, DIY projects & fully focused on my classroom for next year!
yeaaah baybay!
didya know it was teacher appreciation week?
well it is :)
usually students bring in little gifts/treats etc for their teachers
during this week..i was not expecting anything since i am just subbing & have only been here
about 2.5 weeks...
WELL YESTERDAY I was proven wrong!
my kiddos brought me in lots of treats. On friday a note with home
with each teachers fave candy/snack/color/beverage
and my kiddos pulled through!
HOW SWEET :) makes my heart melt.
i have been having trouble with patience the last two days & these sweet hearts
just reminded me of how special & good they are.


 that's right, fire hot Cheetos , peanut m&ms, & sweet tea...all my faves brought 
in by one of the kiddos!

this was pretty much pointless & random

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happy hump day babes!

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  1. I wish I could have the whole summer off!

  2. Those kids know the way to a girl's heart!

  3. woot woot! Happy Teacher Appreciation week! fire hot cheetos are amazeballs, and peanut m&ms are better than reg m&ms, but I think peanut butter m&ms are even better- so delish!

  4. awwwww - how sweet are they. see, kids just know. they act and fool and then BAM turn on the cute and you are like dang you crazy child, dang you! lol.

  5. How awesome! You have some great kiddos!

  6. Happy hump day! So sweet that you got goodies!!

  7. That's so sweet. And can I tell you how JEALOUS I am you don't have to work this summer? Enjoy it lady!

  8. Awwww the gifts you got from your kiddos are so cute. I am long term subbing in a 3rd grade classroom, want to know what I got for teacher appreciation day yesterday.... one kid flipped me off and another wrote me a "hate" note to love them (I'm in a "rougher" type of neighborhood.

  9. Ughhh I should have been a teacher... 2-3 weeks off for total vacation time a year just does not cut it *sigh*

  10. Aww yay for teacher appreciation week! I don't remember doing that for my teachers.

    But I do remember my mom giving them gift cards at christmas, to the grocery with note that said where the alcohol aisle was. I was a always a favorite.


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