Wednesday, May 22, 2013

pick a peck of pickled peppers

One week from today i will be DONEEEEE!
thank god! As much as i adore those beautiful second grade faces
i am so ready for summer and a break. These last two weeks of school
have been rough to say the least.
Today we get extra recess & I cannot wait to be outside with
the kiddos :)

Wednesday Selfie :)

So today I am yet again borrowing stealing from the
ever so gorgeous Stephanie. She is one my favorite
and you need to get your hiney over there & see her!

yesterday she posted about things she is picky about. I laughed out
loud as USUAL but also there was a lot of
"ooooh ME TOO SISTER" thoughts in my head!

I am a pretty picky person. I wouldnt say I am a picky eater
(and my hips would agree) BUT on many other things
i can be a little crazy, almost OCD about.

So here is my list of things that i am picky about

Toilet Paper. I am snob. end of story. I HAVE to buy
cottonelle ultra. I feel like pretty much any other toilet
paper is WAY to rough. I like my toilet paper
to be very cushion-y & cottonelle gets the job done!
I am not brand specfic on a lot of things.. great value, yah walmart i see
your off brand & i buy it. However, with toilet
paper only cottonelle!

it has to be. It is not only color coded but it is also in order
from tank tops to shirts to dresses to pants to jeans to skirts
it is just the way it is.
AND i will know if you were in my closet because i know exactly where
things have to be.

Towels. I fold my towels a certain way!I always fold my towels like

what pisses me off is when people fold like this-
I just think it looks messy & i cannot stand it.

Black pen. I pretty much write in pen every day & it has to be
in black. I do not like writing in blue. I have no idea why...I have just always been
like this.

Yellow candies.  I do not like the yellow candy...of anything
*except runts*
I always leave them out or give them away. Even M&Ms
Yes I am aware they taste the same...but i do not care.

What are you picky about?
Happy Hump Day lovers!
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  1. I fold my towels the same way and B doesn't so you can tell who does laundry each time! haha.

  2. I am picky about everything related to it's location on my desk at work. When I'm out and someone moves something I can tell and it bothers me to no end! PS - cute pic of you! :)

  3. I always fold my towels that way too. It annoys me when people fold them differently.

  4. being picky isn't a bad thing, plus whoever fold towels the right and doesn't color code their closets are crazy :)

  5. Holy shit, this is amazing. I only buy Cottonelle! People think I'm being snobby or picky, but I do NOT like it when toilet paper is rough or "leaves a little behind." Cottonelle is the only one I've found that never does it! I am so glad I'm not alone. Also, the towels. The first time the boyfriend and I did laundry together, he was trying to be helpful (bless his heart) by folding the towels... it was a disaster. I re-did them and he just looked at me like I was crazy. Also, when they go in the cabinet, they have to be with the folded sides facing forward. I don't like the way it looks the other way.

    I swear I'm not crazy.

  6. I have to write in black too! All those crazy neon colors and what not. No, thank you!

  7. Haha Hawkeye picks around pieces in her food just like that dog. She's OCD like her momma cause she eats them in color order. red first, then orange, then green, then the brown if she's starving. (yes, the food in that bowl is beneful, hawkeye eats the same stuff)
    I fold my towels the same, it's just how you do it!
    Oh and also, you should do a blind M&M taste test. Because no, they do not taste the same. Fact.

  8. I fold my towels the same way, I'm a TP snob too, except for me it's Charmin Ultrastong (I don't like TP lint left down there.)

    I love this post, I may have to steal it from you for a slow blogging aka brain fart day.

  9. Oh I love this!!!! I agree with almost everything :) I have to fold my towels that way also. the space in our closet for towels isnt huge but isnt too too small. If i fold them the wrong way it just looks bad, like you said. By doing it the wrong way, you pull one out of the closet and all the others come undone. Pain. My fiance tries to help and folds them the bad way. I let him and then when he go to work or isnt look I re do them all. My closet of clothes, oh boy!! I'm a big organizer so I use the hanger things that fits 5. Have you seen them? It makes it so much nicer! I actually hate grape candies. Its so weird. Even Popsicles I'm not fond of grape.

  10. Yay! Just one more week, you totally have this!

  11. I am the same way with candy...I eat the red/purple ones when it comes to skittles, sweet tarts, etc. ONLY red gummy bears. All m & m colors.

  12. I fold my towels the EXACT SAME WAY! My hubs folds them totally wrong and it grinds my gears lol!

  13. Black ink all the way! I hate blue ink! I was in a sorority where we HAD to write in blue pink bc of our special sorority pens and I seriously hated every second of it.

    Nominated you for a Liebster Award today :)

  14. Same way about toilet paper & candy, girl! Love the new blog layout! :)


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