Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I am such a stealer.

Happy Hump Day dolls!!
This week is just flying by!
Last night my kiddos had their music performance!! It was hilarious
and too funny :)
Those second graders just crack my shit up!
Tonight D is taking me to a nice restaurant :) Evidently he thinks
we don't go out to nice places..
(i think sonic happy hour is perfectly nice)
 but whatev. I am excited, probs gonna wear a cute dress
and tease my hurrrr. DUH :)
Sometimes it is nice to get all dressed up & go out with a cute boy.
no complaints here!!
So today I am being a total idea stealer.

My fave sassy pants posted this post a few week ago
and i thought it was hilarious so i am borrowing stealing it & doing my own list!
5 things to be afraid of--
Ice falling & slamming in your face. Ya know, when you are done with a cold beverage
that still has ice in it & you just need to crunch on it
so  you are shaking the cup while simultaneously
hold it up to your mouth and you
only want one cube to fall and instead the whole dang cluster comes rushing towards
your face...that is scary.
Losing a bug. You see a bug on your wall/ceiling/wherever.  It isn't too big or too
close to you to scare you so you don't get up right away to smash the little bugger into
an immediate death, you wait. Then you look back oh 5 25 minutes later
& the little A-hole is GONEEE!

where the eff did he go?
you the choose to scour you whole house looking for it--
heart pounding as you do.
hydroplaning. My car is the worst at it. It's raining/snowing and you are trucking along
and all of a sudden you need to break..and break quickly. You hit your break..
and SWIIIIIIISHHH you can feel the car losing control and you start sliding.
sliding forward or off to the side, it is out of your control. You are not slowing
down just sliding..i always feel like it is slow motion/sped up x457
at the same time
Losing the group. I have always had a fear of this. For example going out with your friends
and getting separated some how and getting left, whether it be at a bar or downtown in general.
I am a worrier, as we all know, and i am always worry about
how i am going to get home from the bars/any event.
I feel like i spend my time checking/double checking
my friends are still around and that we have a game plan of where/when we
are going to leave.
the dreaded hangnail. Not only to those little bishes hurt like hell
they are annoying & make your hands look GROSS!
I get them all freaking time & they hurt for weeks days
and leave me in a constant mean girls moment of repeating
'my nail beds suck'

people who still play farmville.
wtf are you doing with your life??
i am afraid FOR you...and possibly of you.

welp there ya have it.
6 things that should scare you.
they scare me and I am freely admitting it.
What silly things scare you?

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  1. hahah i love this list! I worry about these things too!

    have fun on your fancy dinner date ;)

  2. This was amazing! Have fun at your fancy shmancy dinner date! Gotta love having a reason to get all dolled up! :)

  3. Love your list. Losing a bug sucks. I freak out all the time that it must be captured and killed right away.

  4. Totally with you on losing a bug, or when you go to get it and it falls and you freak your funk!

  5. I'm am totally with you on losing a bug. I also hate getting an hang nail too.

  6. I LOVED this list. Perfect!!!! Losing a bug totally scary... falling ice omggggggg!!!

  7. hahaha okay you are hilarious! love this list and i feel the same about them...especially losing a bug! and farmville- haha there is no way people are still playing that! love your great blog! XO
    the well-traveled wife

  8. i am afraid of ice falling too...and that ecard is too funny!

  9. Haha steal away sista! I love reading your takes, number 1 is so true, I JUST DID IT TODAY!! I makes my heart skip a beat. Like really, it's just a little ice Steph get it together but dang! It's scary!


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